Smitten Kitchen Just Shared Her Stove-Cleaning Secrets — And We’re Here for Them

published Oct 13, 2021
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This week, food blogger extraordinaire and cookbook author Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen took to her Instagram stories to answer the “avalanche of questions” she receives about how she tackles a dirty stove! As big fans of Smitten Kitchen, we were all ears!

She opens by giving some sound advice: “Don’t let messes sit or cook on further. You’re just making everything more difficult to clean.” Then, she busts out the cleaners, starting with Dawn Powerwash dish soap, which our Lifestyle Director, Lisa Freedman, has already given high reviews. As both note, despite Dawn marketing it as a dish soap, the Powerwash deserves to make regular appearances in just about every cleaning situation — including your shower doors!

Deb notes that she uses a different Dawn product, Dawn Degreaser spray, for heavier messes. If that doesn’t get the job done, she moves on to “the big guns,” which in this case means Shumanit Cold Grease Remover. “Do not use it without gloves,” she advises. “I did once last week: My hands are still mad at me.” Good to know!

In terms of tools, she recommends the Scrub Mommy sponge. “The internet is far more obsessed with these sponges than I am,” she says, but also adds that they are cute, work well, and seem to hold up. Finally, she gives her biggest endorsement to microfiber cleaning cloths, which she says changed her whole cleaning life. “They clean lint-free, but also scrub surprisingly well.” She tested it on her walls, and after getting the job done, the cloths just go in the washer and dryer to clean!

We love learning Deb’s cleaning secrets — now it’s time to try them out!

Have you used any of these cleaning products? What do you use when it’s time to clean your stove? Tell us in the comments below.