Smelly Garbage Disposal? Why to Avoid Grinding Up Onions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Funny thing happens when you have a lot of tedious projects to do. Suddenly you have to figure out, right-this-instant, why the garbage disposal smells&mdahs;as in, get out the flashlight and tongs and remove the rubber collar. And what I found actually surprised me.

Yes, you guessed correctly, I found pieces of onions. But not as you would expect. I found onion skins. They had glued themselves along the walls of the disposal, clinging to all sorts of unsavory items as they made their way down the chute. The skins had been too lightweight to grind up and who knows how long they had survived down there.

I managed to pull them out with tongs and a spoon and resolved to just toss my discarded onion bits in the trash bin from now on.

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(Images: Flickr user Rachel Zach licensed for use under Creative Commons)