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This Seriously Stylish Portable Blender Is My New Smoothie Superhero — and It’s Saved Me So Much Money!

published Apr 27, 2023
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Now that I finally put the parkas and boots away until the fall, I’ve got summer on the brain. And, warmer weather means ice-cold beverages and lots of smoothies. Now, if you live in New York City (or really anywhere, for that matter), buying smoothies is basically highway robbery. No joke, I once paid nearly $20 for a post-workout protein smoothie because it was either that or I passed out because I was so hungry. So, I’ve done my best to make smoothies at home or at least buy some of those bottled ones at Trader Joe’s during my weekly grocery run, but I wanted a faster, healthier, and more affordable way to make them at home.

I’ve tried personal blenders before, but I’ll never say no to trying the latest and greatest versions — it is my job, after all! So when Smeg, the Italian appliance brand behind my favorite tea kettle and toaster, launched a new personal blender, the stars aligned.

I got the blender in white to match my tea kettle (it comes in six other stunning colors), and it’s quite the chic new addition to my very tiny kitchen. Speaking of small, I love its compact size that fits inside my kitchen cabinets — yes, really! My least favorite thing about a lot of personal blenders is that they don’t feel as sturdy and durable as a real full-size blender, but this one still has a base that makes it feel more powerful and substantial. The stainless-steel blade is also a powerhouse and grinds my fruit smoothies to perfection. Don’t let its small size fool you!

It also comes with two dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic bottles you can use for both blending and drinking — simply put on the screw-top cap for on-the-go use! I know I’ll be taking a smoothie on my morning walks to the park or even for all the summer picnics to come. These screw-top containers are also great for storing your blended creations in the fridge if you’re not immediately drinking them.

Credit: Tamara Kraus

This meal prep superhero also boasts two speed settings — simply push the bottle down into the base to turn it on and release it to stop. I’ve been using fresh fruit, and I only have to hold it down for about 30 seconds to fully blend. It’ll likely take a bit longer if you add ice or use frozen fruit.

To clean it, I recommended rinsing out the bottle, adding some soap into the water, and running a few blend cycles. Easy!

This little gadget would also be perfect for whipping up summer salad dressings, which I’ve also got on the brain. Whether you’ve got a tiny kitchen or a massive one, this is the little blender helper everyone needs for fast and easy smoothies and more.

Buy: Smeg Personal Blender, $169.95