Smart Tip: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Shuck Corn Is With Your Microwave

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s something soothing about the slow summer rhythm of corn shucking—standing barefoot in the kitchen, peeling away squeaky husks and handfuls of silk—but what do you do if you’re in a hurry? America’s Test Kitchen has a method using the microwave that is so simple and effective, the ears basically slide out, husk- and silk-free!

Here’s the basic technique: Cut off the stalk of each ear about one inch above the last row of kernels and microwave for two to four minutes. Holding the uncut end, shake and squeeze the husk until the corn slides out. The microwave creates just enough steam to allow the kernels to separate from both the husk and the silk. It sounds too easy to be true, but you can see it in action in the video above.

Have you ever tried this method? Do you have any tips or tricks for shucking corn?

(Image: rprongjai/Shutterstock)