Smart Tip: Make Your Own Frozen Pizzas

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A frozen pizza can be a godsend on those nights when a from-scratch meal just isn’t going to happen, but even the best-quality frozen pizza invariably has more salt, more cheese and fewer vegetables than the pizzas I make myself. That’s why I’m excited to see these tips from America’s Test Kitchen on freezing homemade pizzas, which is not as straightforward as it seems.

Freezing a pizza isn’t as simple as wrapping up a fully assembled pizza and putting it in the freezer, as regular dough will dry out and become tough. America’s Test Kitchen uses a very wet pizza dough, patted into a disposable 12-inch pan, to combat the drying effects of the freezer, and double-wraps the assembled pizza to protect it from freezer burn.

The dough is reinforced with a few unusual ingredients — half and half, cornstarch and baking powder — which help it retain moisture and flavor while frozen. If moisture loss is the main enemy, I’m wondering if my standard pizza dough, Jim Lahey’s very wet no-knead pizza dough, might fare as well in the freezer. It’s certainly an experiment worth trying.

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Do you have any tips for freezing your own pizzas?

(Image: America’s Test Kitchen)