Smart Tip: Keep a Case (or Two) of House Wine on Hand

Smart Tip: Keep a Case (or Two) of House Wine on Hand

Anjali Prasertong
Apr 23, 2012

If you're used to picking up an inexpensive bottle of wine whenever the need arises, the price of a whole case can seem like a lot to shell out at once. But keeping a stock of your favorite good-value wine on hand not only ultimately saves money, it also makes impromptu social gatherings a lot easier.

When I'm scrambling for a bottle of wine to bring to a party at the end of the work day, I am not thinking about finding that special bottle of undervalued wine that is going to give me a lot of bang for my buck. I just want something fast, and if I want to make sure it is good, I often end up paying a little more for it.

But when I have the time to seek out a wine I really love with a reasonable price tag, I'm able to share a wine I know is good at a price I feel comfortable with. Plus, most wine stores offer a case discount of 10-20%. I don't always keep a house wine on hand, but when I do, I never regret it: in the end I spend less money and it is much more convenient.

Yes, stopping at the store for a bottle of wine on the way to a last-minute dinner party is a small thing, but at the end of a long week, it can be the small things that make the difference between spending time with friends and catching up with "Mad Men" on the couch in your comfy pants. With a case or two of house wine on hand, at least you know you'll be drinking well either way.

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Do you keep a house wine on hand? Any suggestions for good house wines?

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