Smart Tip: For Quicker, Cleaner Cooking, Make a Lid for Your Grill Pan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Good-quality grill pans come pretty close to achieving the smoky taste of food cooked on an outdoor grill, but they can’t mimic the oven-like conditions of a grill with the lid down — or can they? The LA Times Test Kitchen has a great tip for setting up your own “lid” for a grill pan for more evenly-cooked meat and cleaner, quicker cooking.

Cooking large pieces of meat on the grill pan often requires finishing them in the oven, as grilling them to doneness would mean a completely burned exterior. But using a lid changes your pan into a mini-oven that retains heat and cooks food more quickly and evenly. To fashion your own, simply invert a metal baking pan over your food as it cooks. This has the added benefit of keeping in the splatters as the food cooks, for less messy indoor grilling.

Check out the article for more tips on grill pans, including the best size and material to look for.

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Do you ever use a makeshift lid on your grill pan?

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