My Kitchen Is Teeny-Tiny, but These 6 Smart Products Help Me Make the Most of It

published Mar 3, 2023
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Credit: Tessa Cooper

Believe me when I say I have no shame in my tiny kitchen game. My humble abode, a one-bedroom apartment in a backhouse in Brooklyn, boasts one mini fridge, three windows, zero drawers, and one slab of kitchen counter — if anything, I’m proud of how much I cook and create in my little one-wall kitchen. And, of course, this is all thanks to some ingenious storage solutions I’m excited to share with you.

Creating storage in tighter spaces, especially as a renter, is all about finding ways your space can work smarter, not harder. For me, I’ve focused on vertical storage, items that stack, and a few hanging solutions, in part because I just love how they look. 

1. Under Shelf Stackable Baskets

These spacious metal baskets are great for all over the home, but especially in the kitchen. I use them in my cupboards to hang onto the shelves to create smaller storage areas for specific items, like utensils, knives, and miscellaneous kitchen tools like silicone straws and citrus squeezers. These are especially helpful if you have some open space in your pantry or a tall shelf, because they stack perfectly, so you can seamlessly add some vertical storage where you need it. I also used one on my desk as a makeshift drawer!

2. Roll Up Drying Dish Rack

As you may have guessed, I don’t have a dishwasher in my tiny kitchen, but this flexible, drying dish rack is the perfect fix. It fits over my sink with plenty of room for drying dishes, then rolls back up seamlessly to tuck behind my faucet or into a cabinet. It’s also great for washing produce, holding hot (or heavy) pots, and even watering plants that need to drain.

3. Hanging Paper Towel Holder

I simply don’t have the counter space for a paper towel holder, which is a necessity in my kitchen. Luckily, this hanging paper towel holder adheres to the underside of my cabinets, so I can grab one whenever I need it (ahem, often), without it being in my way, and without wasting precious counter space.

4. 3-Tier Hanging Baskets

Yes, more hanging baskets! I like to always have fresh produce on hand — apples, clementines, garlic, ginger, lemons — and they don’t typically fit on my counter or in my mini fridge. This set of chrome stainless steel baskets hangs off the side of my cupboards, while my fruit adds a pop of color to my kitchen. You can also take each basket out to put on your dining room table, or to hold produce while you wash it.

5. Acrylic Floating Shelves

I originally bought these clear acrylic shelves for inside my shelfless shower for my countless toiletries, but because they came in a pack of four, I thought I’d use one as a makeshift spice rack in my kitchen. It was super easy to install and I love that I can grab for a pinch of salt or a sprinkle of pepper without opening a cabinet or drawer. Because they have open slots at the bottom, it makes these thick, durable shelves easy to clean with a quick wipe.

6. Cabinet Storage Shelf Rack

My cupboards only have three shelves, and because it’s just myself (and my cat) in my apartment, I only have a handful of plates and bowls, which is where these shelf racks come in handy. They have non-slip feet and fit nicely into my cupboard so I can stack my plates on top with my bowls underneath the grates — no more lifting and juggling to get to whatever’s on the bottom. I also use them on top of my cupboards and oven range hood to create an extra shelf in higher spots. Consider your storage doubled.