Smart Shopper: Look for Local Tortillas

Smart Shopper: Look for Local Tortillas

Emma Christensen
Sep 16, 2010

Locally-made tortillas are a 3-for-1 deal: they're usually made with just a few basic ingredients, they don't have to be shipped over long distances, and buying them supports a local business. They're also more common than you might think! Do you have a favorite local brand?

Because they tend to be made with fewer preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients, you'll usually find locally-made tortillas in the refrigerator section. The ones we've seen are smaller, 6-inch tortillas packaged in generous stacks with a price tag that's comparable to the national brands. These tortillas will also stale more quickly, so have a plan for using them up or freeze them within a week or two.

Once we started looking, we were surprised at how many major chain grocery stores carried locally made tortillas. In Boston, we used to buy the Cinco de Mayo brand from Market Basket, and here in Columbus, Ohio, we have Koki's Tortillas at Kroger. If you dive into specialty food markets, we imagine you'll have even better success.

Short of making tortillas ourselves, these local brands are some of the tastiest tortillas we've encountered. Definitely keep your eyes open next time you shop!

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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