Smart Pot Lid Storage: Flying Saucers Under the Cabinets!

updated May 2, 2019
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Pot lids are one of the trickiest things to store well in the kitchen. They don’t stack; they slide all over the place in the cupboards. Reader Caroline and her partner came up with a smart, unexpected way to store pot lids: Flying saucers on hooks under the cabinets!

Caroline says:

We have a tiny little kitchen and needed a better solution for our pot lids. Mike came up with an awesome space-saving idea that cost practically nothing. A few screw hooks and we were set!

I was curious whether the pot lids got in the way while working on the countertops, though; did she bump into them while chopping onions? She says:

I’m not sure what kind of chopping you’d need to be doing for these to get in the way — they are completely tucked under the cabinets. It is a close fit for the coffee maker, but it works.

It’s a smart idea, working the pot lids into a horizontal space that is usually unused, and making double-use of their handles. Plus, they look like flying saucers! One last quote from Caroline:

We have a small kitchen, so this is a huge space-saver for us. I love having these little flying saucers floating up under the cabinets!

(Images: Caroline via The Kitchn’s submission form)