Smart Packaging: Whole Foods Organic Chicken Breasts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We bought this bulk package of organic, boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Whole Foods the other day (“bulk” in New York City meaning more than four breasts at a time) precisely for the packaging. It is so genius, we can’t believe we’ve never seen it before.

This bag was actually three separate packages of chicken breasts (two or three per pack) that were individually sealed in connected pouches. But the pouches had perforated lines between them, so you could rip off one or two to put in the refrigerator, another to put in the freezer.

In contrast to bulk packages at other stores, where we have to pull out what we need for the day and transfer the rest of the breasts to plastic bags for the freezer, this packaging felt incredibly smart.

Why not just buy three separate packages of chicken breasts, you ask? Well, a few reasons. We’re not 100 percent sure because we forgot to look yesterday (those of you who hit a Whole Foods today, let us know), but we think these are priced about $1 less per pound because they’re being sold in bulk.

Also, they are vacuum-sealed, which isn’t always the case with a regular package of chicken.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Passarella)

Our only complaint: We had to use scissors to really separate the “pods.” The perforated plastic wasn’t easy to rip.

Anyone else noticed this new packaging? What do you think?