The Game-Changing $25 Egg Organizer That’ll Save You So Much Fridge Space

published Jan 16, 2024
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No matter how much energy I put into organizing my fridge, it always seems to fall back into disarray in the blink of an eye. I’ll admit it: I’ve been known to toss my things inside without arranging them perfectly on occasion. (Don’t we all, though?) Still, I do try my best most of the time, but with how many packages of various shapes and sizes are crammed in there, it’s hard to keep it looking good even when everything is straightened out.

This predicament is exactly why I have more than one fridge organizer on my wish list. Once you have the right organizers, they’ll keep your fridge looking neat no matter what. Best of all, you barely need to put any effort into it, and once you ditch the awkward, bulky food containers, it frees up room for more items. I could go on about all of the pros of adding organizers to your fridge, but let me get straight to the point: QVC is offering an adjustable egg drawer, which takes up virtually no space at all, for just $25 right now.

What Is the Smart Design Adjustable Sliding Pull Out 18-Egg Drawer?

Egg cartons are probably the most difficult container to deal with in the fridge. You have to consider how easily they break, which means that you can’t just throw it on the shelf without a thought. But that’s where this ingenious organizer comes in, removing the hassle of storing eggs entirely. Even though it’s spacious enough to accommodate a whopping 18 eggs at a time — complete with secure slots for each one — it installs under the bottom of a shelf, making use of an underutilized area. It extends to fit any shelf between about 14 and 23 inches deep, and can be adjusted height-wise, too. As long as you measure beforehand, you don’t have to worry about it not working!

Credit: QVC

What Smart Design Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.7/5

“I love this egg tray!! It has freed up so much space in my refrigerator. This will fit any make as its completely adjustable. A big + is that it holds 18 eggs, even the jumbo size. Taking it out for cleaning is a snap..just unhook, wash in the sink (not sure about putting it in the dishwasher), dry & snap back in. I also have one in my RV..this is a no brainier..” — CD

“Best purchase! I gave one to a friend and we both love them. Freed up shelf space in the fridge from an egg box that you cant put anything on top of.” — Janell

“It frees up much needed space in the fridge. Easy to install and holds a dozen and half of eggs. Exactly what I was looking for.” — DennyP

You’ll be shocked at how much storage space this nifty item opens up. $25 seems like a small price to pay for such an enormous benefit — so do yourself a favor and add this to your cart ASAP!