5 Teeny, Tiny Things Kitchn Editors Did to Immediately Improve Their Kitchens

updated May 14, 2021
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If you’re currently at odds with your kitchen and want to tear it apart, we have one suggestion for you: Start with just one teeny, tiny, manageable change. Here at Kitchn, we strongly believe that a micro-level change can help you love your kitchen on a macro level. To prove it to you, I asked my super-smart coworkers to tell me “one small thing” they did that made them fall more in love with their kitchens. (And I added my own tip at the end, too!)

Credit: Ana Kamin

I started storing my cutting boards like they’re cookbooks! I saw this photo on our site at some point and it was like an actual lightbulb went off. I had been keeping all of my cutting boards and serving boards stacked on top of each other and it was a real pain in the you-know-what to get one out when I needed it. Plus, I have a pretty collection that deserves to be displayed. I filed mine in a row on the counter next to the fridge and now I smile when I look at them — and when I can easily pull one out.” Lisa Freedman, Lifestyle Director

Credit: Ariel Knutson

I recently moved my bar cart into the kitchen and the space immediately felt more fun and inviting. I think a lot of the credit is owed to the snake plant, because plants just make everything better. Next up: Art for the space.” Ariel Knutson, Features Director

“I used to have them stuffed in a drawer, but this magnetic wall bar makes my go-to knives so easy to reach for when I am in the middle of cooking. Plus it really does show them off and people always compliment our collection when they walk into our kitchen.” Sheela Prakash, Senior Contributing Food Editor

Credit: Nina Elder

“My handy husband added little hooks to a shelf to make a home for our measuring cups and spoons. And guess what? It’s the ONLY thing in my entire rental kitchen that doesn’t infuriate me. ” Nina Elder, Executive Food Director

Credit: Jason Rampe

“A tip that I stole from my days working in restaurant kitchens: Use big plastic bins for storage. Lots of them. They’re great because they come in all sorts of sizes and seal shut to keep dust, bugs, and pests out. Get see-through ones so that you can see what’s inside.”Amelia Rampe, Studio Food Editor

Credit: Emily Dorio

“My over-capacity freezer was starting to become a freezer-burned No Man’s Land. I had no idea what was stuffed inside or how old anything was, so I did a massive freezer clean-out and threw out anything I that I had neglected for far too long. Now I keep a complete freezer inventory, which makes deciding what to make for dinner (or what I need to pick up from the grocery store) a whole lot easier.” Lauren Masur, Lifestyle Editor

What’s a small thing you did recently in your kitchen that made you love it more?