Small Space Storage: Build a Spice Rack With a Ruler!

(Image credit: Old Sweet Song)

We’re always looking for examples of better spice storage, so we really liked this creative solution from reader Amy, who used an unusual object to construct her spice rack!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Amy writes:

I tried using those magnetic storage tins on our fridge but we have one of the smaller ones so it just looked weird. So, my genius boyfriend came up with this idea and executed it: He suggested gluing rulers to the underside of our cabinets so that the magnetic spice tins could hang upside down. I glued about 4 rulers up with Gorilla glue. I tried the foam mounting tape and it was not so great. I also made some labels by printing onto sticker paper. We’re quite happy with the results.

Great job, Amy! We like the look of this system, and it keeps the spices away from heat and light while still being quite well-labeled!

You can see more details of the project at Amy’s blog:

Spice Rack at Old Sweet Song

(Images: Amy of Old Sweet Song)


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