11 Small, Practical Kitchen Upgrades That’ll Feel Like Self-Care

published Jun 3, 2021
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White Kitchen
Credit: Margaret Rajic | Stocksy

One thing the pandemic (and the increased amount of stress and anxiety because of it) has underscored for me is the importance of self-care. Whether that’s painting my nails, reading a book at night, going for a run with my dog, or baking my favorite brownie recipe — taking the time to do something I like and that makes me happy makes a world of difference.

And because I’m always in the kitchen (especially this past year-plus), I’ve thought a lot about the upgrades that make cooking and eating better. Little forms of self-care, kitchen-style! Here are 11 that came to mind — including a plushy mat that’s a dream to stand on, something to help you drink more water, an easy-to-clean baking sheet, and more.

1. House of Noa Nama Standing Mat

This mat is like “standing on a zillion gummy bears,” the company says. And they’re right. It makes cooking or baking or washing dishes feel so much more comfortable for your back, legs, and feet. Plus, the Nama Standing Mats are available in tons of fun prints — including the new Coastal Stripes collection. They’re all just as pretty as the prettiest rugs!

2. Carisolo Knife Sharpening

Dull knives are dangerous ones — and they’re frustrating to work with. In my professional opinion, it’s worth sending out your knives once a year to get them professionally sharpened. It feels like a huge upgrade without having to actually upgrade your knives. Carisolo offers re-sharpening by a Master Grinder for $68 for one to five knives, and $85 for six to eight knives. They send you a box, you send your knives to them, and they’ll send them back all super-sharp. Easy!

3. Boos Board Cream

If your cutting board or wooden spoons feel parched, give ’em a little TLC with this board cream. It’s made from beeswax and food-grade mineral oil and really locks moisture in. I always feel better when I take care of the things I love.

4. SodaStream

I tend to drink more water when it’s sparkling water. If you’re the same, then you need a SodaStream. It’s a totally justified purchase. Hydration’s important! If you’re not one for bubbles, don’t worry: I’ve got you with this next pick …

5. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Treat yourself to any water bottle (I just like this one from Hydro Flask). A water bottle you’re excited to use is another easy upgrade that’ll help you stay hydrated.

6. Copco Lazy Susan

Getting organized can feel like a form of self-care. For $10, this lazy Susan will allow you to actually see all the condiments in your cabinet or fridge.

7. Lavender Dish Soap

Lavender dish soap is kinda, sorta like aromatherapy, right? Well, that’s what I’m going with! This dish soap smells amazing and works great at removing grease and grime.

8. Great Jones Holy Sheet

A sheet pan that actually comes clean easily? This is the one! Future You will appreciate the fact that Today You ordered this. Plus, it comes in a vibrant blue or green that’s sure to brighten up your day.

9. Moccamaster Coffee Maker

You deserve good coffee. And this coffee maker will help you get just that! Its thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours and it makes consistently amazing coffee time after time. (Fun fact: It won our extensive coffee maker testing, too!)

10. OXO Food Storage Containers

If meal prep makes you feel more settled and set up for the week ahead, then you need some great storage containers. These are durable and have airtight seals, so nothing’s going to leak out of them — ever.

11. Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup

And if having a glass of wine is how you like to unwind, then get yourself a durable, pretty wine glass! This one from Corkcicle is triple insulated, so it’ll keep chilled wine cold for plenty of time. Bring it on the porch for some “you time.”

Do you have a small kitchen upgrade you love? Tell us about it in the comments!