Small Kitchen Solution: Cover the Stove Top for More Counter Space?

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A few weeks back, we talked about bringing in a kitchen island for more counter and storage space. But what if your small kitchen can’t accommodate another large piece of furniture? In those cases, we’ve been eying the stove top!

Often what we need is not so much a space to do work, but rather a space to just temporarily put things – bowls of cut ingredients while we’re prepping a recipe, buffet area, leftovers waiting to be put away, groceries, and so on. We already use the space around the burners for some of these things, but it would be handier to cover the entire stove top with some sort of board so we could use all that space.

Our only concern is that we might be forever taking the cover top on and off again as we need access to the burners themselves. And depending on the cover we get, it could be awkward to find a place to store it out of the way while we use the burners. Then again, we’re usually only using one or two burners at a time, so maybe finding something that only covers half of the stove would be a good option.

We discovered that stove top covers are actually already commonly used in RV and yacht kitchens where counter space is truly at a premium. Most of the products we found on the internet are intended for these spaces. Here are a few:

Camco RV Stove Topper from PPL Motor Homes, around $50
Universal Oak Stove Top Covers from JC Whitney, around $42

For full-sized stove tops, we found a few sites that will make custom covers:

Stove Top Covers from, around $210
Cook Top Cover Up from Regina’s Kitchen, custom quotes

Of course, if you aren’t so picky about an exact fit or how it looks, we think you could forgo many of these options in favor of few wooden cutting boards balanced over the burners. We could also have a plank of raw wood cut down to size at somewhere like Home Depot or Lowes.

Do you cover your stove top? Do you find it useful for creating space?

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