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50 Small Grocery Brands You Might Not Have Heard of, but Should Definitely Try in 2022

published Jan 8, 2022
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Raise your hand if the thrill of the hunt is your favorite part of grocery shopping — if you love browsing the aisles (or site sections, if you’re a virtual shopper) in search of new-to-you finds from brands you’ve never heard of. We’re guessing you all have your hands up in the air. (How’d we know? Because you’re on this post!)

While there are plenty of tried-and-true big brands we’ve loved for years (Campbell’s, Land O’Lakes, and Rao’s, for example), we get super inspired when we learn about small ones that we hadn’t heard of before. And let’s face it — supporting small businesses has never been more important than it is right now. So with the fresh start of the new year, we thought we’d take a fresh look at groceries. We rounded up 50 small brands that we thought you might not have heard of before and are 1,000 percent worth a try.

Of course, you might already know about a bunch of these (good for you!) and there are countless more that aren’t on this list (feel free to add suggestions in the comments at the end of the post!). It’s just a jumping-off point to get us all thinking small (in addition to big!) in 2022.

Credit: Magic Spoon

1. Magic Spoon

Greg and Gabi met in college, which, besides childhood, is a prime cereal-eating era. Post-graduating (and a previous business), they experimented for more than a year to create a cereal “inspired by the flavors and nostalgia of Saturday-morning-cartoon cereal, but upgraded for a 21st-century consumer.” Start your day (or end it!) with any one of their 10 flavors, including Fruity, Cookies & Cream, Frosted, Blueberry, Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Maple Waffle, plus limited-edition Gingerbread and Original.

Buy: Magic Spoon Variety Pack, $39 for 4 (7-ounce) boxes

Credit: Moonshot Snacks

2. Moonshot

These climate-friendly crackers, founded by Julia Collins, are made with heirloom wheat and sunflower oil that come from regenerative farms, which prioritize healthy soil. Available in three flavors — Rosemary Garlic, Sea Salt Sourdough (say that three times fast!), and Tomato Basil — they’re delicious with just the right amount of crunch and come packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and recyclable plastic (although we hear at-home compostable packaging is in the works).

Buy: Moonshot Climate-Friendly Crackers Variety Pack, $18 for 3 (4.4-ounce) boxes

Credit: Sama Tea

3. Sama Tea

You might have caught co-founder Jay Shetty talking about Sama Tea with Ellen (yes, that Ellen) in October. If not, here’s what you need to know: He, along with his wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, created these teas to help balance our minds, bodies, and hearts, and also as a daily reminder to soak up all of life’s moments. You can also shop by tea type (black, green, herbal) and caffeine level (levels range from zero to three), or purchase a one-time sample box with four varieties: Protect & Support, Awaken & Energize, Focus & Clarity, and Calm & Relax.

Buy: Sama Tea Sampler Tea Box, $39.95 for 20 tea bags

Credit: Cleveland Kitchen

Cleveland Kitchen

Cleveland Kitchen is synonymous with fermented foods. Based in, you guessed it, Cleveland, Ohio, the company makes incredible-tasting sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, dressings, and marinades using the finest ingredients. Seriously, we could not get enough of them last fall. We also cannot wait to see what they come out with next!

Buy: Cleveland Kitchen Dilly Garlic Pickle Chips, $5.78 for 24 oz at Walmart

Credit: Teton Waters Ranch

Teton Waters Ranch

Where’s the beef … coming from? In 2022, that is the question. Teton Waters Ranch partners with ranchers in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand who provide certified-humane (via Humane Farm Animal Care), 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef through the practice of regenerative agriculture. So next time you’re in the market for hot dogs, breakfast and dinner sausages, burger blends, and more, you know where to find the beef.

Buy: Teton Waters Ranch Grilling Sampler Pack, $54.99 for 26 sausages, bratwursts, and hot dogs

Credit: Bachan's


These small-batch Japanese barbecue sauces are inspired by founder Justin Gill’s family’s sauces. It took him six years to bring a “true and sound representation of the sauce” that his family made to market. Since then, Bachan, which means “granny” in Japanese, has expanded to four varieties: Original, Hot & Spicy, Gluten-Free, and Yuzu (new last fall and already a best seller). 

Credit: Gr8nola


Launched at a local farmers market, Erica Liu founded Gr8nola (“great”nola) after she couldn’t find the great-tasting granola she was after in stores. These granolas, which come in standard, bulk, and mini-sized packs, are made with whole-grain oats, organic virgin coconut oil, and natural sweeteners, including honey and monk fruit extract. Choose from seven flavors, including The Original, Cacao Crisp, Black Coco Chia, and Cinnamon Chai. (Those four, top sellers, are also available in a bundle.)

Buy: Gr8nola Top Sellers 4-Pack, $38 for 4 (10-ounce) bags

Credit: HumanCo

Snow Days

The people at Snow Days are bringing you (well, all of us) frozen pizza bites galore. The shells, which are made from cassava, are loaded with organic, grain-free ingredients, veggies, and grass-fed cheeses. Choose from three flavors — Cheese, Veggie White and Sausage Pizza — or don’t (making decisions can be hard) and order the variety pack, which includes all three.

Buy: Snow Days Grain-Free Pizza Bites Variety Pack, $54.99 for 3 (12-ounce) bags

Credit: Taste Republic Gluten-Free

Taste Republic

If Taste Republic was a newly established country, we’d gladly live there. (It’s not. We can’t.) But. But! What we can do is enjoy the company’s gluten-free, fresh pastas by the bowlful. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the pastas, which match the taste and texture of traditional pastas, are all certified gluten-free and also available in grain-free and vegan varieties. Last November, they even launched the first fresh, gluten-free ravioli to include Beyond Meat. What will 2022 bring?

Buy: Taste Republic Fresh Gluten-Free Pasta Variety Pack, $49.99 for 6 (9-ounce) pastas

Credit: Mochidoki


It started as a wholesale brand serving top restaurant and hospitality groups back in 2015, but since then, Mochidoki has gone DTC (direct-to-consumer). We call that a win. Using only the highest-quality ingredients, the company makes imaginative Japanese-inspired desserts. The mochi ice cream is available in signature (Chocolate, Espresso, Matcha, Red Bean) and seasonal flavors (Seoul Cookie, Milk & Cereal, Cake Batter), and includes vegan offerings (Chocolate Hazelnut, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Coconut). 

Credit: Goldthread Tonics


William Siff, a licensed acupuncturist, traveled the world to source the most pure and potent medicinal plants for his clinical practice, and eventually, for these tonics. Available in nine varieties, including Turmeric Radiance, Honey Rose, Japanese Matcha, and Hawaiian Ginger, the refreshing drinks are packed with hand-picked, sustainably farmed ingredients, including herbs, citrus, and natural sweeteners.

Buy: Goldthread Plant Based Around the World Pack, $27.50 for 6 (12-ounce) bottles

Credit: Loisa


Loisa is an homage to “Loisaida,” the Spanglish name for the Lower East Side barrio of downtown New York City (the home city of its founders) and one of the hearts of local Latin culture and cuisine. The company, which makes high-quality, proudly flavored Latin foods, started with organic versions of “the most famous Latin seasoning pair: Sazón y Adobo.” Since then, the brand has come out with even more pantry staples, including sauces, spices, and ready-to-heat rice.

Buy: Loisa Flavor Trio Combo Pack, $29 for 3 pantry staples

Credit: ZaZa Snacks


These Za’atar Pita Chips are the mother of all chips. (No seriously, the original recipe, which was created by founding member, mother, and grandmother, Victoria, is called “The Mother Chip.”) They’re thin, crisp, and baked in small batches with extra-virgin olive oil and a custom za’atar spice blend. And there’s more to come: Smoke Tomato and Sea Salt are “coming soon,” according to the site. 

Buy: ZaZa Za’atar Pita Chips, $7.99 for 4 ounces at igourmet

Credit: Westbourne


What began as a zero-waste restaurant in SoHo founded by Chef Camilla Marcus, has evolved into a line of feel-good provisions. Inspired by the original in-house creations, the collection of snacks (you might have read about the savory umami snack mix) and pantry staples (including spices, butters, and a breakfast set), is plant-based and 100% zero waste from production to packaging. 

Buy: The West~Bourne Staples, $80 for 6 pantry staples

Credit: Gigantic


These plant-based candy bars are so good that they get their own exclamation point. At just over an inch wide and “about the length of a Pokemon card,” the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan treats are big on bold flavors with “just a little bit of sweetness.” Choose from any of their five flavors — Salted Peanut, Hazelnut Cafe, Almond Horchata, Double Dark Mint, and Banana Pecan — or sample “The Big Four.”

Buy: Gigantic! Variety Pack, $27.99 for 8 (1.48-ounce) bars

Credit: Seed + Mill

Seed + Mill

Like the name suggests, Seed + Mill makes seed-based foods, including tahini and halva. In fact, after opening a small kiosk in New York’s Chelsea Market in 2016, it became the first store in the U.S. dedicated to sesame products. The company also partners with small purveyors to create delicious, flavorful products you’ve never had before. Exhibit A: The Organic Za’atar Tahini and Organic Chocolate Date Tahini, which you can sample in a set, along with Organic Tahini. 

Buy: Seed + Mill Tahini Taster Set, $42 for 3 tahini containers

Credit: Omsom


Sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham launched their business during the pandemic … and, almost instantly, had a 2,000-person wait list. Omsom — a Vietnamese phrase meaning noisy, rambunctious, riotous — was started to bring “bring proud, loud Asian flavors to your fingertips any day of the week.” These pantry shortcuts contain sauces, aromatics, and seasonings you need for specific Asian recipes, including Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki and Korean Spicy Bulgogi. The sisters also have gluten-free, vegan, and heat-lover specific sets.

Buy: The Omsom Best Seller Set, $59 for 16 starters on Omsom

Credit: Peach State Drinks

Peach State Drinks

After noticing too much inconsistency from store-bought lemonade, Kitchn News & Culture Editor, Ni’Kesia Pannell, created and co-founded Peach State Drinks. Rooted in nostalgia and Georgia — the peach state — these brown sugar lemon-aids are made from fresh fruit and natural ingredients. The Original Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid is available year-round, along with a handful of rotating seasonal flavors. Pro tip: They all go great with a little Champagne.

Buy: Original Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid, $17 for 3 (16-ounce) bottles

Credit: Hayden Flour Mills

Hayden Flour Mills 

Like its name suggests, Hayden Flour Mills is all about the grain. The company is devoted to fresh grains that are simply stone-milled, an old-world process that allows the flavor and personality of the wheat to shine through. The flour is currently milled on Sossaman Farms in Queen Creek — the same farm where the majority of its grains are grown. Beyond heritage flours and grains (including a limited-release collab with Masienda), the company also makes a variety of crackers, pancake mixes, and cereals.

Credit: Consider Pastures

Consider Pastures

Consider hens are raised on small, regenerative farms according to Certified Humane standards: free to roam on open pastures, living in symbiosis with diverse species of pollinators, animals, and plants. The eggs, which promise vibrant, intensely hued yolks, are gathered each morning — just hours after being freshly laid. Also, we don’t suggest buying things just for the packaging, but can we talk about this packaging?

Buy: Consider Pastures Grade A Eggs, $6.49 for 1 dozen

Credit: Banner Butter

Banner Butter

While many brands opt for uniformity, you’ll find no two banner butter packages look the same. And that’s proudly on purpose. This slow-churned, small-batch butter is hand cut and made with cream from hormone-free, grass-fed Georgia cows, only after the cream has spent “many, many hours” ripening (this ripening process allows good bacteria to form, which gives the butter its delicious butteriness). Available in seven flavors, including Unsalted, BBQ, Roasted Garlic, Dark Chocolate, and Basil & Parsley, there’s no limit to what you can do with it.

Buy: Banner Butter Mix + Match Pack, $42 for 6 (5-ounce) butters

Credit: Kate's Real Food

Kate’s Real Food

Inspired by her family-farm roots, Kate Schade packed these energy bars with whole food ingredients, including protein-packed nuts, fiber-filled seeds, nutrient-dense fruits, and organic honey. They come in eight delicious flavors, including Peanut Butter Hemp & Flax and the newest Oatmeal Cranberry Almond.

Buy: Kate’s Combo Pack, $16.99 for 6 (2.2-ounce) bars

Credit: Haus


An alcohol brand that’s “all about more hangouts and less hangovers.” How refreshing! A Kitchn-Editor favorite, Haus makes lower-ABV (alcohol by volume) apéritifs from the highest-quality fruits, herbs, and botanicals from trusted farmers and purveyors. Every bottle is blended in Sonoma County and shipped straight to you in packaging made from recycled materials. Flavors include, but are not limited to, Pomegranate Rosemary, Grapefruit Jalapeño, and New Fashioned.

Buy: Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño, $40 for 750ml

Credit: Seemore

Seemore Meats & Veggies

Did you catch Cara on the Today Show? The fourth-generation butcher founded Seemore Meats & Veggies — named after her grandfather and retired butcher, Seymour — in 2019. By 2020, her colorful, veggie-packed sausages were available nationwide online and at grocery stores. You can choose from any of the seven chicken- and pork-based sausages, including fun flavors like Chicken Kale Pesto, Chicken Chili Verde, Broccoli Melt, and Loaded Baked Potato. Or call it a party and get yourself a variety pack.

Buy: Seemore Meats & Veggies Variety Pack, $58 for 16 sausages

Credit: Yiayia and Friends

Yiayia and Friends  

Yiayia, which means “granny” in Greek, is the brainchild of Beetroot Design Group and Ergon Foods, a retailer that sources products from a network of small, independent food artisans in Greece and brands them “to meet modern-day standards.” Together, they created Yiayia and Friends, which makes a variety of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oils, homemade rusks and biscuits, aged balsamic vinegars flavored with fruit, and more. They’re almost too beautiful to open … almost.

Buy: Yiayia and Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $29 for 500ml at Mastiha Bakery

Credit: TheXCJ

Xiao Chi Jie (小吃街)

For Jen and Caleb, founding Xiao Chi Jie was their way of connecting with their family’s history. After spending years in the kitchen in the name of dumpling research, the now-married duo make a variety of soup dumplings and crafted sauces. The Classic Pork is made with mondako flour, chicken-based broth seasoned with high-quality rice wine, and fresh ground pork, ginger, and green scallions, and is the company’s best seller (although Savory Chicken is vying for that top spot).

Buy: Xiao Chi Jie Classic Pork Xiao Long Bao, $39.95 for 50 dumplings

Credit: Yolélé Foods


Co-founded by chef Pierre Thiam, the author of three cookbooks (including his latest The Fonio Cookbook), Yolélé connects smallholder farmers — mainly women — who grow crops using regenerative techniques with local and global markets. The company makes a variety of zesty, salty, and spicy chips as well as five different pilafs using fonio, an ancient West African grain.

Buy: Yolélé Fonio Pilaf Variety Pack, $32 for 5 (7-ounce) bags

Credit: Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co


Fun Fact: The term “Fishwife” dates back to the 16th century, and originally referred to the daughters or wives of fishermen who sold fish at the market. It later evolved into a gendered insult, but it has since become synonymous with ethically sourced, premium, delicious tinned seafood, courtesy of this company. The Smoky Trio, which includes Smoked Rainbow Trout, Smoked Atlantic Salmon, Smoked Albacore Tuna, features fish that’s brined in extra-virgin olive oil and smoked in small batches over natural wood at a fifth-generation, family owned cannery in Washington State.

Buy: The Fishwife Smoky Trio, $27.99 for 3 (3.5 ounce) tins

Credit: Goodles


These boldly colored boxes with their retro-looking font caught our eye, but with this mac and cheese company, it’s what’s on the inside that really got us clicking “add to cart.” Launched in November with four flavors — Mover & Shaker (cacio e pepe-inspired mac), Twist My Parm (asiago and Parmesan with spirals), Cheddy Mac (creamy cheddar and macaroni), and Shella Good (aged white cheddar and shells) — Goodles noodles are packed with fiber and protein and devoid of any artificial flavors and preservatives. The only question is, which one to try first?

Buy: Goodles Variety Pack, $20 for 4 (6-ounce) boxes

Credit: Supernatural


We can describe Supernatural in two words: pure joy. (We can and will say more, though.) The brand that describes itself, in part, as “leading a parade for kitchen creativity” makes vibrant dye-free sprinkles, plant-based food colors, and vegan rainbow chocolate chips, which are the first dye-free baking chips ever. Plus, the sprinkles have super-fun names like Full of Heart, Rainbow Starfetti, and Dinomite.

Buy: Supernatural Plant-Based Food Colors, $8.49 for 4 (2-gram) packets

Credit: Acid League

Acid League

You might have heard of the living vinegar brand Acid League. You may have even read about their collection of Living Tonics — they were a Kitchn fave last year. But we wanted to give them one more mention. Raw, unfiltered, and fermented with premium fruits, vegetables, and herbs and spices, these boldly flavored, gut-friendly pantry staples include drinks, sauces, condiments, and beyond (according to the site, there’s a hot sauce and two EVOOs coming soon!).

Buy: Acid League Big League Vinegar Kit, $49 for 4 (300-ml) bottles

Credit: Perennial Pantry

Perennial Pantry

Perennial Pantry exists to bring delicious, climate-positive (going beyond net zero carbon emissions by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere) staples to your kitchen. Their not-so-secret ingredient is Kernza, a perennial wheatgrass with a delicious, sweet, nutty flavor. The company sources its ingredients directly from its farmer partners to make flour, whole grain, and a pancake and waffle mix that’s also made with regenerative wheat.

Buy: Perennial Pantry Kernza Combo Pack, $19 for 2 (14-ounce) bags

Credit: Trade Street Jam Co

Trade Street Jam Co.

Founded by Ashley Rouse, a trained chef who loves to experiment with flavors and create the unexpected, these spoonable jams are handmade in small batches (they’re less thick because they’re made with minimal sugar, and skip the pectin and preservatives). They also make sauces, which alongside the jams are great for cooking, baking, cocktails, and more. We’re particularly keen on Smoked Yellow Peach, but if you’re feeling extra jammy, there’s a trio gift set (on sale!) which also includes Strawberry Chipotle + Fig and Blueberry Lemon Basil.

Buy: Trade Street Jam Co. Signature Trio Gift Set, $38 for 3 (9-ounce) jars

Credit: Watermelon Road Snack Co

Watermelon Road

Is it just us or does Watermelon Road sound like an idyllic place to live? The company’s dried fruit jerky is lightly seasoned with organic herbs and spices to create sweet and savory flavors, including Watermelon Lemonade, Apple Pie, Mango Margarita, and Pineapple Mojito. These portable snacks are also nut-, dairy-, soy-, refined sugar- and gluten-free.

Buy: Watermelon Road Build Your Own Pack, $24 for 4 (1.5-ounce) bags

Credit: Truff


Truff makes next-level truffle-based pantry staples. The company’s classic mayo, which features funky, musky, magical black winter truffles, was one of our readers’ favorite Kitchn Essentials from last year. Who would disagree? It’s downright decadent. (The hot sauces were also one of Oprah’s favorite things.) The company also makes pasta sauces and a black truffle oil, which should be in the running for this year’s faves.

Buy: Truff Best Seller Pack, $77.99 for 3 pantry staples

Credit: Willa's Kitchen


Named after their grandma Willa and inspired by her original recipe, founders Christina and Elena created an organic, sustainably produced, shelf-stable oat milk that uses the entire whole-grain oat. The plant-based milk is available in three flavors: Original, Creamy, and Dark Chocolate, which ICYMI adds a new dimension and variety to morning staples.

Buy: Willa’s Oat Milk Discovery Pack, $22.50 for 3 (32-ounce) cartons

Credit: Sempio Foods Company


This vegetable umami is an all-natural seasoning sauce. A three-month fermentation of soybeans creates the base that’s then blended with simmered vegetable broth. The result: a shortcut to flavor. (Some of the best restaurants in the world already know this!) It’s vegan, gluten-free, organic, and a great plant-based alternative for bouillon, concentrated stocks, fish sauce, or dashi. Use it in broths, soups, stir-fries, pastas, salads, and more.

Buy: Yondu Vegetable Umami, $5.99 for 5.1 ounces

Credit: Wonderlab's Doozy Pots

Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots

Founded by Kirsten Sutaria, a food scientist who worked at Ben & Jerry’s and developed their vegan line, and her husband, Karl, in 2019, the company aims to “craft the most delightful plant-based treats from ingredients that are kind to the earth and its communities.” The creamy gelatos are made with hemp and oats and currently available in six classic and bold flavors, including Vanilla Bean, Smooth Coffee, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, and Banana Cinnamon Date.

Credit: Not Just Co

Not Just Co.

These sweet and savory sauces and dressings, including Miso Lemon Vinaigrette (a 2021 Kitchn Essential), 10 Veggie Pasta Sauce, and Coconut Sugar Caramel, are vegan and dairy-, gluten-, and refined sugar-free. And as the name suggests, they’re not just what they say on their labels. The pasta sauce, for example, makes a great shakshuka base, enchilada sauce, chili starter, and more. The company also uses carbon-positive packaging, meaning that for every tree used to make its custom shipping boxes, at least 20 more are planted through sustainable reforestation efforts. 

Buy: Not Just Co. Pantry Staple Mixed-Pack, $36 for 4 pantry staples

Credit: Avec Drinks


Avec, which means “with” in French, are premium, carbonated mixers made from real juice, herbal botanicals, and spices you can pair with your spirit of choice — whether that’s vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, or mezcal. (You can also drink them straight up!) The bright flavors — including Jalapeño & Blood Orange, Yuzu & Lime, and Ginger — come in packs of 12, or you can sample all five flavors in a set of 15, aptly named The Sampler.

Buy: The Avec Sampler, $45 for 15 (8.5-ounce) cans

Credit: Somos Amigos


This newly launched Mexican food company was founded by a group of three friends — including KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky — who grew up in Mexico eating chilaquiles, cooking tacos, and loving their mothers’ home cooking. Years later, they started Somos to create plant-based, ready-to-eat foods that honor Mexico’s rich culinary traditions. Sign up for their chips and salsa now (there’s a wait list; they’re that good) and check back later this month when the full line of tacos, tostadas, nachos, chilaquiles, and more becomes available.

Credit: The Kingfish Company

The Kingfish Company

We first spotted these skinless, boneless fillets in the freezer section of Whole Foods Market last July and we were wowed by the quality of the sashimi-grade fish. The Kingfish company specializes in sustainably raised Dutch Yellowtail and is recommended as a “Green Choice” by the Good Fish Foundation. Founded in the Netherlands, the company is building a farm in Maine that, upon completion, will make it a domestically raised fish. 

Learn more: Kingfish Maine

Credit: Jackson's Chips


Parents Megan and Scott Reamer founded this company after their son Jackson was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder. The heirloom sweet potatoes are cooked low and slow in avocado oil or coconut oil, and carefully paired with select seasoning blends (think: Sea Salt, Spicy Tomatillo, and Carolina BBQ), to bring out their unique flavors. The chips are also vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free and available in 1.5- and 5-ounce bags.

Buy: Jackson’s Variety Pack, $26.94 for 6 (5-ounce) bags

Credit: Hu


You might have noticed the matte brown- and black-packaged chocolate bars while standing in a checkout line? If you haven’t already, you’ll likely see them everywhere now. Hu, which started as a single restaurant in 2012, makes chocolate bars, gems, and hunks (chocolate-covered nuts and fruit), as well as crackers and cookies with “ultrasimple” ingredients. All are organic, certified gluten-free, fairtrade; their list of “nos” is long, impressive, and right there on the front of every package. 

Buy: Hu Snacking and Baking Dark Chocolate Gems, $25 for 2 (9-ounce) bags

Credit: Mason Dixie Biscuit Company

Mason Dixie Co.

It started out as a small restaurant in 2014. Since then, founder Ayeshah Abuelhiga (who just wanted a decent biscuit) has expanded to the freezer aisle in order to keep up with demand. The scratch-made Buttermilk Biscuits contain seven familiar ingredients: flour, buttermilk, butter, cream, milk, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Mason Dixie Co. also makes sweet buns, scones, and just added a few breakfast sandwiches last year, which, shortly after launch, became a Kitchn Editor’s new favorite.

Credit: Balkan Bites

Balkan Bites

The aunt-niece duo who founded this company took their family’s traditional Albanian recipes and clearly got inspired. A daily staple in the Balkans, a burek is a savory phyllo pie that is flaky on the outside and stuffed with delicious fillings. In the case of Balkan Bites, those fillings can be nutrient-rich spinach, creamy ricotta, and tangy feta cheeses, or sautéed ground beef and golden-brown caramelized onions, or even silky Nutella. 

Credit: Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel 

A well-stocked pantry is a pantry stocked with spices from Burlap & Barrel. All the spices are single-origin and sourced directly from small farms. Don’t know where to start? You can shop by type (blends, cardamom, chilis & paprika, cinnamon) or use (baking & pastry, beverages & cocktails, beans & grains). Or if you like your hand-picked spices, the Chef’s Choice Collection includes six of the company’s favorites and one Kitchn Essentials winner. Bonus: It’s on sale!

Credit: Fabalish


Founded by natural food chef Jessica Gebel, Fabalish creates baked falafel and plant-based condiments using chickpeas and aquafaba (chickpea cooking liquid!). The heat-and-eat falafel are available in two flavors (Zesty Zucchini and Spicy Carrot) and pair well with any one of the four dips and sauces (Queso, Ranch, Tzatziki, and Fab-a-Dip, the company’s award-winning, signature condiment). All products are top eight allergen-free, gluten-free, and full of flavor. 

Buy: Fabalish Falafel and Dip Sampler Bundle, $63 for 2 (10-ounce) boxes and 4 (8-ounce) dips

Credit: Behave


In celebration of our sweet tooth (or is it teeth?), Mayssa Chehata founded Behave to make candy with zero artificial anything inside. The sweet and sour gummies come in fun shapes and fruity flavors — the bears are a mix of Raspberry, Passionfruit and Lychee, while the stars are 100% pink pineapple. 

Buy: Behave Seriously Good Sour Gummy Bears, $25 for 6 (1.8 ounce) pouches

Credit: DoughP


Any flavor of this edible (and bake-able) dough would be good to stash in your fridge for a rainy afternoon. Made with heat-treated flour, salted butter, brown sugar, vanilla, baking soda, flaxseed, and an array of mix-ins, including chocolate chips, Oreos, graham crackers, marshmallows, sprinkles and more, you can get in pint- or bite-sized form. The company also donates a portion of every sale to SHE RECOVERS Foundation, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $40,000. 

Buy: DoughP Best Seller 4-Pack, $34 for 4 pints

Which of these brands are you most excited to try? Do you have more brands to add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!