Rafizah’s Efficient Galley Kitchen in Kuala Lumpur

Who cooks here? Rafizah
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Owned or rented? Owned
Kitchen size: 64 square feet

What challenge have you overcome in your kitchen? My stove uses gas and in most homes here, a compartment is built under the stove to store the gas cylinder and the oven is located somewhere else in the kitchen. However, my kitchen space was so limited and I really had to put my oven under the stove. So, I got my contractor to drill a hole through the wall next to the stove and put the gas cylinder at the back balcony area and connected the gas hose through the hole.

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What’s the story of your kitchen?
Mine is a galley type kitchen – small but space efficient and able to fit one other friend to cook next to and one more who sits on a stool and talks to us while we do. It would be slightly wider but I sacrificed 36x16inches of kitchen floor space to build a floor to ceiling shoe cabinet which was so worth it though!

What is your favorite meal to cook here?
Pasta with sauce made with fresh herbs grown on my little balcony garden and caramel custard for dessert.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)