Small Cool 2007: Finalist #6 – Phoebe’s Crisp Organic


Name: Phoebe
Location: Cambridge, MA
Size & Type: 63 square feet in a condo
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Phoebe’s favorite OTHER entry: #5, Jessica’s kitchen, because I really admired the way her color palette (aqua, white, and stainless for appliances and countertops) managed to make a very small, potentially cluttered space look sleek, clean, and airy. (And for an honorable mention, #9, Frank’s kitchen: his seemed to be a well-loved kitchen, probably lots of fun to cook in with friends crowded round.)

What’s the best thing you’ve ever cooked in this kitchen? The best thing? How about the best three: chermoula (a Moroccan green sauce made with parsley, coriander, garlic, cumin, paprika, olive oil, lemon juice, and cayenne) …

Best things cooked in your kitchen, continued
* a ghee-infused, tomato-y, buttery spinach dish from Rajasthan, taught to me by my fiance’s mother, complete with fresh, hot, homemade chapatis.
* pans and pans of gingerbread. (I started making it after reading Laurie Colwin and have never stopped!)

What is your next improvement (if you could do anything)? – We’re in the process of making a large, linen-covered, framed homasote board, to be hung over the exposed side of the fridge at the entrance to the kitchen, so that we can have a rotating gallery of recipes, invitations, and photographs.
– We’re also considering adding a pegboard to the kitchen, and would be interested in AT readers’ thoughts on kitchen pegboards!