Slow Food Style: Rocking Chairs at the Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We all know about the slow food movement, which values taking your time in making food. But what about slow food eating? Might a tableful of rocking chairs encourage laid-back slow food eating?

This amazing Swedish home from Hus & Hem is such an inspiration in many aspects of its design (the bold black exterior, the concrete floors, the restrained interior jolted to life with shocks of color). But what about those dining chairs?

Rocking chairs at the dining table aren’t something we see too often (in fact, it isn’t a combo we see ever!). But might the seating encourage slow, relaxed eating? These particular chairs (anyone know the design?) are sort of the best of both worlds, as their rocker shape allows them to sit fairly upright or take a decisive rock back. A traditional rocking chair might just be annoying (especially if you aren’t settling in for a leisurely, slow meal). What do you think?