5 Brilliant Tips for Transporting a Full Slow Cooker

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Diana Yen)

Whether you’re headed to a potluck dinner, a tailgate party, or the kids’ soccer practice, there will come a time when you need to transport a slow cooker full of delicious, piping-hot food. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, no?

If your small appliance doesn’t have built-in latches to keep the lid in place, you’re gonna need some of these brilliant tips for transporting a full slow cooker.

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1. Start with foil.

Lift the lid, cover the opening with foil, secure it tightly, and replace the lid. This obviously won’t seal the slow cooker entirely, but it will add a layer of protection.

2. Break out the rubber bands.

Then, to get the lid to stay in place, loop a rubber band through each of the side handles, securing them on the lid’s handle at the top. This will help keep the lid from sliding around.

3. Use a soft cooler.

If you have one large enough, place the slow cooker inside a soft-sided cooler. This will make it easier to lift and keep any spills contained. If the cooler is really big, fill in the gaps with dish towels or utensils to get it snug. (Note: They do sell slow cooker-shaped insulated bags — consider investing in one if you travel a lot with your slow cooker!)

4. Try a towel-bin combo.

If you don’t have a soft cooler, recreate the effect with a laundry basket or a cardboard box. Put the slow cooker inside and fill any gaps using old bath or tea towels.

5. Put it on the floor of your car.

You may be tempted to hold your slow cooker on your lap while your friend drives, but that’s not the best place for it. Put it on the floor and it’ll have a sturdier footing. Note: The trunk is not ideal unless you can really nestle it in place to keep it from sliding around. If you’re carrying it or taking it onto the subway, just be sure use two hands and keep it as horizontal as possible to minimize spills.