Video: Fava Beans 101

We’re excited to see fava beans showing up in the farmers’ markets, but we admit to being a little intimidated about all that shelling-boiling-shelling action.

Sometimes watching a quick demonstration is all it takes to demystify a cooking technique. Such is the case with this YouTube video on shelling fava beans…

The video comes from a chef named John Mitzewich, who posts his videos on YouTube and his website, Food Wishes.

He gives you nice close-ups, simple instructions for blanching and peeling the beans, and a witty comment here and there. (“The fava bean is like the Russian nesting doll of the bean family.”)

Watch and enjoy — it will likely make you feel more confident about tackling a pile of favas.

Use them in this:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

(Image: Faith Hopler)