New Gadget: Frisper Vacuum Sealer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Frisper Freshkeeper is a new kind of vacuum sealer. We’ve only seen them online, but we’re intrigued. It takes up a much smaller footprint than the usual long and giant vacuum sealers, and it’s also being touted as a way to try sous vide cooking at home.

Sous vide cooking usually involves simmering vacuum-packed meat or vegetables, still in its vacuum-sealed bag, slowly at low heats. This produces fabulously tender textures and delicate flavors. It’s also a way to ensure consistency across restaurants and their kitchens; a dish can be partially cooked through sous vide to a precise temperature, then finished off quickly on the grill for flavor and color.

This high-tech method has generally been reserved for restaurants, however, and there has been some controversy over its safety. The Frisper, however, aims to change that. It does all the normal things a vacuum sealer does – preserve, keep freezer foods fresh, and seals. But the reusable Vac-Snap bags are shown being reheated in simmering water as well as in the microwave.

We think that the small size and convenience of this little gadget might make sous vide more accessible to some adventuresome cooks.

What do you think – do you use a vacuum sealer?