Is This the Most Ingenious Shopping Cart to Ever Exist? Maybe So, According to TikTok.

published Mar 14, 2023
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Close up of woman's hand shopping for fresh groceries in supermarket and putting a variety of organic vegetables in shopping cart
Credit: d3sign / Getty Images

Out of the many joys that come from a trip to the grocery store (say, buying new ingredients and the satisfaction of a fully stocked kitchen), one of our least favorite parts is hauling the groceries home. Wouldn’t it be great if the groceries would just load themselves into the car? One can only dream. 

We’ve seen some clever ways to make our grocery process easier (like these foldable carts or this laundry basket hack), but we recently stumbled on one involving a sliding grocery cart that may be our favorite tip yet. It takes seconds to unload and does the heavy lifting for us! 

In this short (but compelling) TikTok video, user @melanindollxo, who is based in Australia, films her mum unloading an overflowing grocery cart in seconds. (Talk about efficiency!) She simply pushes the basket of the cart into the trunk of her car, which neatly detaches from the wheeled base, and loads the base into the trunk. 

Thousands of commenters were quick to point out how smart and convenient this cart is, and wanted to know where they could snag one of their own. (If you look closely and pause the video, you can see it’s a SlideAcart.) Not wanting to disappoint, @melanindollxo shared a second video with a link to the retailer and a special discount code two days later, which is great news for anyone living in New South Wales, Australia. (She followed it up with an even shorter video demonstrating how to get the cart out of the car. Once again, no lifting.) 

Unfortunately, for those of us who don’t live in the land down under, the SlideACart is currently not available for shipping. But! We’re hopeful the company or even some entrepreneurial shoppers will bring it stateside in the near future. 

In the meantime, we’ve got our eye on this collapsible cart. It doesn’t have the same sliding capability, but, unlike the SlideAcart, the base folds up neatly. Another alternative? These Costco crates, which also collapse (hello, space saver) and greatly limit the need for mid-shopping cardboard box scavenger hunts. 

Do you have a smart shopping cart hack? Tell us about it in the comments!