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8 Editor-Favorite Sleep Teas We Swear by for a Good Night’s Rest

published Mar 14, 2022
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We cherish our nighttime tea just as much as our morning coffee. We’ve tried a whole lot of tea, tea kettles, mugs, loose-leaf accessories… you name it! We also all have our personal favorite go-to teas for settling into a relaxing evening at home. So, in honor of Sleep Awareness Week, we came together to make your evening ritual just a little bit more cozy with our favorite nighttime teas. We included a few tea alternatives in the mix, plus other calming beverages, too.

From classic chamomile to dreamy adaptogenic blends, here’s to winding down, sleeping well, and cozying up with these editor-favorite evening teas. Rest up!

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was $19.95

"The brand calls this tea their chamomile dream machine, and I concur! The ingredient list includes chamomile, valerian, lemon balm, and rose petals, and it definitely helps me calm down and relax before hopping into bed. 10/10!" - Danielle St. Pierre, Sr. Commerce Editor, The Kitchn

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"The name says it all. This tea is for sleep! But really, this tea has all the warming notes to calm me down before bed. It's a nice herbal chamomile blend with hints of spearmint and lemongrass, and it makes me feel just like the cozy bear on the packaging." - Meredith Schwartz, Commerce Intern, The Kitchn

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Kin Euphorics

"Kin isn't messing around, and this sleeper medley has reishi mushrooms, melatonin, and L-tryptophan. With just a small glass, I feel a calm wash over my muscles, readying me for a long night's sleep. The taste is unique with earthy and smoky notes of cinnamon, oak, and saffron, and many reviewers on their site mix it into nightcap cocktails. Definitely worth adding to your evening routine!" - Meredith Schwartz, Commerce Intern, The Kitchn

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"This is a soothing blend of oat flower, lavender, and lime flower. It's super fragrant and slightly citrusy, and it's one of my go-to sleep teas after a stressful day." - Danielle St. Pierre, Sr. Commerce Editor, The Kitchn

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"Magnesi-Om is a berry flavored poweder that can be mixed into hot or cold water, no kettle needed! It's meant to restore cellular balance for relaxation, brain health, and sleep. "It makes a huge difference for me! I actually sleep all the way through the night when I drink this before bed." - Stella Totino, Writer, The Kitchn

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Firebelly Tea

"Firebelly Tea's lemon chamomile is exactly what you want before you turn in for the night, plus the packaging is compotsable (the bag and the box). According to the site, it's the only tea brand that uses this compostable packaging." - Mara Weinraub, Lifestyle Editor, Groceries

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"Yogi Tea is known for teas that not only taste good, but make you feel good too. They have a large focus on stress relief tea that support body and mind. I personally love the peppermint tea while in bed just before sleep, it doesn't taste funny after I brush my teeth!" - Meredith Schwartz, Commerce Intern, The Kitchn

8 / 8

"I originally bought this soothing tea one spring when my allergies were in full force. There were many restless nights with a scratchy and sore throat waking me up. This tea definitely remedied some of that seasonal suffering and has been a pantry staple ever since. And I’m telling you, it will definietly come in handy for those crummy nights." - Meredith Schwartz, Commerce Intern, The Kitchn