Buns, Rolls, Bread, and Beyond: 10 Recipes for Homemade Sandwich Breads

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When building your perfect sandwich, what’s your perfect bread? Whether it’s still warm squishy white bread or a crusty baguette, it’s hard to beat homemade. Where to start? This morning we gave you 5 good tips for making better sandwich bread at home. But before you put those in practice you need a recipe, right? Right! Here are recipes from our archives for fine sandwich breads, from a basic whole wheat loaf and pita pockets, to cinnamon raisin bread and potato dough rolls (sooo good with ham!).

• 1 How to Make Your Own Hamburger Buns – Soft and fluffy hamburger buns make a great base for nearly any sandwich.
• 2 Potato Dough Rolls – Soft and a little sweet, these make amazing sandwiches with ham and mustard.
• 3 How to Make Easy Homemade Pita Bread – With pockets and everything! Stuff with a lot of salad for an easy, light lunch.
• 4 How to Make Ciabatta Rolls and Loaves at Home – A good ciabatta roll is maybe the ultimate sandwich starter.

• 5 Basic White Sandwich Bread: Start with a classic – light and springy white bread beats store bought every time.
• 6 Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread: Still soft and perfect, with a touch of whole wheat.
• 7 • Beginner Sourdough Loaf: Tangy sourdough adds that unmistakable flavor to your lunch.
• 8 How to Make Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread – Makes an amazingly good grilled cheese sandwich!
• 9 Recipe: No-Knead Challah – A soft, rich bread for a sandwich that needs a little something extra.
• 10 No Time Bread: If you’re short on time look no further than this recipe for bread in (no joke) about an hour.

What’s your favorite homemade sandwich bread recipe?

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