No Pints? The Best Container for Storing Ice Cream

published Aug 10, 2010
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Some of us looked long and hard to find the perfect pint containers for our homemade ice cream. Did we make the wrong choice? According to a tip we just read, we need to be taking cues from gelato makers when it comes to storing our ice cream. Wide and shallow, not short and squatty, is the key.

The tip came from Serious Eats—it was #8 on a list of 10 tips for making homemade ice cream. Apparently, storing ice cream in shallow containers helps it keep its creamy consistency longer.

Read the list at Serious Eats.

I actually store my ice cream in shallow containers. Not because I’m that innovative but because I have a bunch of wide, round take-out containers that I re-use, and they happen to be about two inches deep. I find that scooping ice cream is easier (you have more surface area, and it seems to get softer faster), but I can’t really say whether or not the consistency is better than ice cream stored in a pint.

What do you think? Do gelato makers have the upper hand with their rectangular containers?

(Image: Flickr member D’Arcy Norman, licensed for use under Creative Commons)