Skip The Microwave: Preheat Your Lunch At Home

Skip The Microwave: Preheat Your Lunch At Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 2, 2010

Although we've been talking a great deal about making your own ice packs and items you can freeze to pull double duty, that doesn't always mean we want a chilled lunch. Sometimes a warm bowl of soup or stew or a container of leftovers will do the trick, but the microwave can be a hassle (or absent, in some workplaces). Here's a tip for preheating your lunch at home instead!

Aside from having a big fat high school sized crush on insulated food and beverage containers, they're super handy and far better for you than those thin flimsy plastic containers. Even the ones that say they're safe to put in the microwave have been known to melt a bit, or overheat, and that's a risk we're not willing to take — come on, this is lunch we're talking about!

Instead, use an insulated container (tall or short) and preheat it before you leave home.

Pre-Heat Your Lunch Box
Let's say you had lasagna the night before. Heat it up at home in the microwave or toaster oven on a microwave-safe plate.

While your lunch is warming up, boil a kettle of water and fill your empty lunch container with the boiling water. Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes and then pour it out. Adding warm food to a warm container makes much more sense don't you think?

We've kept warm food, well... warm, for up to 6 hours before with this method and it means no waiting in line to use the smelly communal work microwave. It also means that your break time can be spent doing something other than heating your food and checking it. Heating it some more and then checking it.

You can sit back and catch up with some blog reading while enjoying a hot, home cooked meal!

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