11 Best Breads for Thanksgiving Stuffing, According to ChefsSkills
Pro tip: Never toss those leftover bagels.
9 Reasons I’ll Never Stop Buying Stuffing in a BoxSkills
Stuffing out of a box, like its cohorts canned cranberry jelly and frozen pumpkin pie, has been deemed uncool. Unrefined. Passé. You might even regard it like an acquaintance from high school you’ve unfollowed on Facebook — an entity you probably wouldn’t interact with unless you were in a serious bind. But it doesn’t have to be that way!
7 Fresh Ideas for Even Better Thanksgiving StuffingSkills
Some may say Thanksgiving isn’t complete without the turkey or mashed potatoes. I say it’s the stuffing that makes the meal complete. Whether it’s the bready classic or gluten-free, stovetop or oven-baked, these are the seven tips that will help you bring an even better batch of stuffing to the dinner table. This is the move that will have you wondering why you haven’t been making stuffing like this all along.
Stove Top Stuffing Just Created the Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner PantsSkills
With Thanksgiving only a week away, you should already be prepping for the year’s biggest meal. Yes, that means picking up your broiler bird and making some side dishes ahead, but it’s also a prime time to start formulating your dinner-eating game plan. Will you opt for extra mashed potatoes and skip out on green bean casserole? Or take half servings of everything to pace yourself for the next round?
Mistakes to Avoid When Making StuffingSkills
Stuffing is both easy to make and easy to mess up.
Can You Actually Thicken Gravy with Stuffing?Skills
Most recipes use flour or cornstarch to thicken gravy, but a number of years ago there was an interview on NPR with cooking guru Shirley Corriher who mentioned that her mother used to thicken their Thanksgiving gravy with uncooked stuffing. And not only that, it was also the best gravy she remembered eating. Is it really possible to use stuffing to thicken gravy? And, does it taste good? We decided to test it and find out!
How To Pan-Fry Leftover Bread StuffingSkills
We’re offering you a few fresh ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers today and tomorrow, anticipating that you have some turkey or cranberry sauce sitting around in your fridge.