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What’s the Difference Between Flank Steak and Skirt Steak?Skills
Flank steak and skirt steak are both long, odd-looking cuts of steak. Wonder if you’ve ever eaten either of them? If you’ve ever had fajitas, then chances are it was skirt steak. In most recipes, they can be used interchangeably, so how are these cuts actually different from each other? The flank is located at the cow’s bottom abdominal area, while the skirt is a thin, flavorful cut located in the diaphragm area.
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A Complete Guide to SteakSkills
Here are the four most popular cuts of steak. We'll cover where they're cut from, what they taste like, and how best to cook them.
How To Sear Meat ProperlySkills
Searing meat is 100% about building flavor. And oh, what flavor it is! When that meat hits a scorching hot pan, the surface instantly begins caramelizing. In your stew or braise or roast, this translates into the kind of deep, savory flavor that we crave on an almost a cellular level. This is the flavor that makes us want to lick our plates clean. No sear, no plate-licking good times. Here’s how to do it. Searing meat might seem like an unnecessary and time-consuming step in a recipe.
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A Visual Guide to Cooking Steak: Temperatures, Tips, and TimingSkills
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Jul 20, 2022
Quick Tip: How To Tell When Your Steak is DoneSkills
Folks can get pretty particular about how they like their steaks. Some of us like it well-done while others say the more red and rare the better! When we’re cooking steaks at home, it can be hard to get it just the way we like it, especially if we have guests with different preferences.Cutting into the steak to see how things are coming along works well, but this also lets out juices and moisture that we’d rather keep for ourselves.
May 12, 2022
This Simple Technique Will Give Your Steak the Best Crust EverSkills
The result? A crusty, flavorful, pink-in-the-center steak that is nothing short of a chef’s (or grill master’s) kiss.
Apr 15, 2022
For the Best Grilled Steak of Your Life, Add a Little Sugar
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Jun 4, 2021
I Tried Cooking a Steak in 3 Cups of Oil, Because TikTok Said So
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Mar 10, 2021
Food Science: Why You Should Rest Meat After CookingSkills
When we’re cooking large pieces of meat like roasts or turkey, we’ve always been told to let the meat rest before cutting into it. This has seemed like an odd step to us, especially since it’s been ingrained in us not to let food sit out for too long. Besides wouldn’t you want to serve it up and dig in right away?As it turns out, you actually don’t! Click through to see why…As meat cooks, the muscle fibers start to firm up and water gets pushed out.
Oct 20, 2020
You’re Buying Steak All Wrong. Here’s How to Really Do It.Skills
Consider this over the weight of your steaks.
Jun 3, 2020
It’s Fine on Salad, but Italian Dressing Is Even Better as a Marinade
Tips from The Kitchn
This old-school method makes mouthwatering chicken and steak.
Sep 18, 2019
5 Easy, No-Cook Ways to Dress Up a SteakSkills
If you’re going to invest in an expensive steak , you’ll want to focus all of your attention on cooking this steak, especially if you don’t do it very often. But what if you want to make this steak just a wee bit more special without committing to a complicated pan sauce?
Jun 13, 2019
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking SteakSkills
These are the most common missteps — plus how to solve them.
Jun 13, 2019
Flank, Sirloin, or Rib? Steak Cuts ExplainedSkills
Because we don’t buy steak all that often, we have trouble keeping all the different cuts straight when we do. Did we like the porterhouse for this recipe, or was it the rib eye? Food Paper has a quick and dirty guide to all the cuts, and we’ve bookmarked the page for just these moments!This quick guide focuses solely on the common cuts of steak, so we don’t have to sort through dozens of chuck and rib cuts to find what we’re looking for.
Jun 4, 2019
The Best Way to Quickly & Safely Thaw Frozen Steak Skills
Remember this rule as we head into grilling season.
May 15, 2019
Why This Is the Best Steak I’ve Ever HadSkills
A few weeks ago I made the best steak I’ve ever had – it was better than anything I’d had in a restaurant, and any recipe that required the best cut of meat possible. It tasted like angels, and rainbows, and fireworks all rolled up into one slice of meat. But not only was this steak perfect – it was also easy to make. Here’s how I did it: The key to making this beauty is a sous vide machine made for your home.
May 2, 2019
Treat Your Meatloaf Like a Steak with This Finishing TouchSkills
Comfort food is rarely thought of as luxurious as a nice filet or ribeye. Instead, we lean on words like “homey” and “simple” to describe its appeal. Take meatloaf, for example — it’s a dish that ruffles up childhood memories for so many people. Maybe for them, like me, it was a weeknight staple growing up. It was uncomplicated and easy, which is why it now sits in the category of comfort food for me as an adult. But why can’t meatloaf get an upgrade?
May 1, 2019
How Many Times Should You Really Be Flipping Your Steak?Skills
Whenever I cook a nice steak, a little voice pops into my head, warning me to only flip it once. Do you have a little voice telling you this too? It’s a common belief — one that’s been passed down from family and friends, old magazines, morning television cooking segments, and the celebrity cook du jour. With all those people saying the same thing, it must be true, right? Well, not exactly. The quick answer is as many times as you’d like!
May 1, 2019
Here’s What You Need to Know About Cooking a Steak with the Bone InSkills
Was the bone-in version of the steak you love to cook on sale this week? If you couldn’t resist the deal (bone-in steaks often cost a bit less) and you’re ready to cook it, here are the most important things you need to know about mastering this cut of meat. If you’re used to cooking boneless steak, the presence of a bone through the center or along the side of your steak might make you feel a little thrown off. Don’t be.
May 1, 2019
Follow These 7 Tips for the Best Home-Cooked Steak of Your LifeSkills
I once believed that hearty steak dinners were a meal best enjoyed at restaurants. Oh, how wrong I was! I came to learn that cooking steak at home wasn’t just surprisingly easy, but the results also exceeded my steak-filled dreams. Here are seven helpful tips that will guide you through making the best home-cooked steak of your life. Cooking a great steak starts with buying a good cut of meat. And deciding what constitutes a good cut of meat depends on what you’re looking for.
May 1, 2019
10 Things I Never Do When Making Steak at HomeSkills
Steaks at home are sublime. With the right cut of steak, some salt, and a hot pan you can enjoy a flavorful steak with a thin crisp crust and a buttery, tender interior just as delicious as any steakhouse option. I tend to think people who prefer a steakhouse steak find steak at home too fussy, but I happen to believe the opposite is true. You just have to keep it pretty simple, and that means doing far less than you’d expect.
May 1, 2019
The Very First Thing You Should Do When Cooking SteakSkills
Despite all of the different cuts of steak and all the ways you can cook and serve it, one universal rules applies to preparing steak, and it is so simple: Take it out of the fridge ahead of time. Many recipes suggest that taking your steak out of the fridge before cooking is all about bringing your steak to room temperature (between 68°F and 72°F.
May 1, 2019
This Is the Best Red Wine to Pair with SteakSkills
To me, steak is one of the ultimate special-occasion foods. We don’t eat it very often, but when we do it’s usually when Valentine’s Day or my husband’s birthday rolls around. That’s when I pull out all the stops: a nice piece of meat, extra-buttery potatoes, and, of course, good wine. When you think of steak, you probably think of red wine.
Apr 30, 2019
Why You Should Cook Pork Chops Like a SteakSkills
Pork chops are one of the tried-and-true weeknight dinners we turn to again and again. Who can resist a plate of lean, juicy meat that’s reliable, quick, and easy to cook? But that’s just one side of pork chops. For a more luxurious dinner where pork chops are meant to really shine, you’ve got to cook them like a prized steak. Pork chops can be luxurious — yes, the very same ones that have a regular place in your weeknight dinner rotation.
Feb 9, 2017
Your Pan-Sauce Tool KitSkills
Want to quickly elevate your everyday cooking without trying too hard? Make a pan sauce! Suddenly you’re not simply serving porks chops — you’re serving porks chops drizzled with a rich shallot and herb-infused sauce. It’s a fast and fancy dish that sounds like its destined for a dinner party, but you’re really just making dinner on a Wednesday night. That’s the power of a pan sauce. Assembling one is incredibly simple.
Feb 8, 2017
The Great Marinade Debate: In Favor of/Against Marinating SteakSkills
Welcome to the Great Debates, where we consider the greatest culinary controversies of our time. Our goal isn’t to tell you what to think or do, but rather to present both sides of hot-button issues, like coffee (is it good for you?) and breakfast (the most important meal of the day?). What’s being said? Who’s saying it? Then it’s up to you to make your own decisions.
Feb 7, 2017
5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer with Your SteakSkills
Maybe it’s the rising popularity of craft beer, the fact that my partner is an aspiring hops farmer and brewer, or the simple truth that I am a broke millennial, but when it comes time to chose, I always pick beer over wine. I even (gasp!) think you should leave the wine corked and drink beer instead with your steak dinners.
Feb 2, 2017
Apparently You Can Cook Steak in Your DishwasherSkills
Is your oven out of commission? Is your grill on the fritz? Well, lucky for you, apparently you can use your dishwasher to cook a big, juicy steak. Yes, that’s right. While you’re washing last night’s dinner plates, you could also be making dinner. Dishwasher “cooking” isn’t a completely new idea (salmon!), but it’s still pretty shocking nonetheless.
Dec 14, 2016
How to Make Perfect Steak in the Oven: The Video!Skills
Knowing how to cook a great steak at home is a skill that every steak-lover should know. Master the basic technique and it’s yours for life — meals at home, fancy date nights, dinner parties, you name it. All you need is a pan and an oven. Check out our video to see how it’s done. This method for oven-cooking steak is one I’ve gone back to again and again. You heat up the skillet under the broiler, and then move it to the stovetop.
Nov 3, 2015
Does Searing Meat Really Seal in the Juices?Skills
A lot of braising or slow-cooked meat recipes have you start off by searing the meat first until it’s brown and crusty on the outside before you add the liquid, turn down the heat, and simmer until tender. For quick-cooking cuts of meat, like flank or skirt steak, searing may be all you have to do before it’s ready to eat. Searing meat is one of those fundamental cooking techniques worth learning, but why does it need to be done?
Apr 17, 2015
The Best Steak to Cook for Valentine’s DaySkills
If you made a reservation for a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner, now’s the time to cancel it. Staying home for your Valentine’s dinner is the way to go. Splurge on a fancy dinner in your own kitchen! Even if you splurge on a luxurious dinner and a great bottle of wine, it will cost you less at home. For special occasion dinners at home (especially in the middle of winter), a good steak is always my first choice. But, not just any steak will do.
Feb 9, 2015
Cheap Eats: What’s the Deal with London Broil?Skills
Perusing the meat section at the grocery store this weekend, we spotted an inexpensive package marked “London Broil.” It looked like a flat skirt or flank steak with long muscle fibers and very little marbling. We’ve definitely heard of london broil before, but had trouble placing it. What do you usually cook with london broil?After doing some research at home, we discovered that we definitely aren’t alone in our confusion!
Mar 2, 2010