How Long Does It Take to Cook Fresh Spinach?Skills
Q: How long does it take to cook fresh spinach and what extras should I add to the spinach while it is cooking? Sent by April Editor: Fresh spinach cooks in mere minutes — seconds, really. This green immediately begins to wilt once it hits the heat, so a fast hand and some smart prep make things easier. Despite how quickly it begins to soften, spinach’s flavor is pretty bold.
How Do I Use Up the Stems of Chinese Spinach?Skills
Q: I am an expat who lives in China. I often use the Chinese spinach leaves for salads, but I hate just throwing the stems away. I know there must be a wonderful way to cook them — can you help me find it? Sent by Jeani Editor: Jeani, you have come to the right place! Chinese spinach is more akin to bok choy than the spinach we have in the States, which means you should look to recipes that use that veggie for inspiration.
The One Thing You Don’t (Always) Have to Do with Frozen SpinachSkills
I have vivid childhood memories of my mom standing over the kitchen sink on Christmas day squeezing the water out of defrosted packs of spinach to make her famous spinach casserole. Later my sister took over the task and she’d be shuddering from the semi-thawed clumps in her hands. It always seemed like such a nuisance — and so cold! So as an adult, I sort of tried to avoid frozen spinach all together.
10 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen SpinachSkills
Just one of the perks of keeping a bag (yes, a bag!) of frozen spinach in the freezer is never having to worry about those fresh leafy greens spoiling before you use them up. It’s the trick to always having a way to work an extra dose of greens into your day, whether it’s in a smoothie, grain bowl, or pasta. Here are 10 ways we love turning a bag of frozen spinach into a satisfying meal.
The Best Type of Frozen Spinach to BuySkills
Walk down any freezer aisle and among the ever-growing selection of vegetables you will inevitably find spinach (and other leafy greens like kale and collards, if you’re lucky). Frozen spinach seems like a simple and pretty straightforward item to buy — or so it would seem. You’re faced with the choice of bagged or boxed spinach, and it is important to point out that (regardless of brand) one of these spinach packages reigns supreme.
How Do You Tell Your Coworker She Has Spinach in Her Teeth?Skills
If you’ve ever had something in your teeth and no one told you, and then you went to the bathroom or happened to pass by a mirror and discovered a big chunk of spinach lodged in your incisors, you know: You always want someone to tell you it’s there. Right? Right. And that’s not so hard when it’s your best friend or your husband or your mom, but, it’s a bit more delicate when coworkers are involved. Here’s how to do it, in six easy steps. My colleague.
Why Does Spinach Leave a Weird Film on Your Teeth?Skills
I’m a spinach fan and love that it cooks quickly so I can stir it into eggs, pasta, stews, soups, or just about anything I choose. What I don’t love, however, is that strange film it leaves on my teeth. You know what I’m talking about — that unpleasant coating that’s both dry and chalky. “Spinach teeth” is such a weird phenomenon; where does it come from, and is there anything that can be done to minimize or prevent it?
5 Ways to Cook with Frozen SpinachSkills
My farmers market closed months ago and it won’t reopen until the end of April. What’s a vegetable-loving girl to do? There are plenty of fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, but they’re not always at the peak of freshness. This time of year, I often opt for frozen vegetables which, although they sometimes lack the virtues of the summer-fresh stuff, carry other benefits, like convenience.
What Is This Slimy Yet Delicious “Spinach Vine”?Skills
Q: Late last spring, I bought a plant that the seller called it a “spinach vine.” It exploded. Shooting beautiful red-purple vines everywhere with thick, succulent-like and spinach-flavored leaves, we took the seller at his word and ate the leaves like (albeit slimy) spinach.It wasn’t until late summer/early fall when a friend from Sri Lanka came into the garden that I even considered that this plant may have a broader fan base.
Nov 11, 2010
What Is Malabar Spinach?Skills
Did you know that salad really isn’t a summer food? Yes, we can find tidy greens in the supermarket year round, but most lettuce varieties — as well as our beloved arugula — really don’t like summer heat. Unless grown under inside or under cover, most greens bolt, wilt, fail to germinate, and basically pout all summer long until the cooler weather of early fall arrives. So the real stars of summer salads and sautés are found elsewhere. Enter Malabar spinach.
Jul 30, 2009