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What’s the Best Way to Reheat Meatballs and Keep Them Warm?Skills
Q: I’m planning to make ahead your Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs for Easter. What is the best way to reheat and keep the meatballs warm throughout the party? Sent by Beth Editor: Personally, I’d warm the meatballs at 300°F on a baking sheet or casserole dish until warmed through. To keep them warm, your best bet is probably leaving them in a slow-cooker on the “warm” setting. Readers, what do you suggest?
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making MeatballsSkills
Tender, juicy meatballs are a supper to celebrate. Pick your favorite blend of meat and a sauce to match, and everyone is happy. But achieving meatball perfection has its tricks and potential pitfalls. Here are five common mistakes to avoid so you can make the meatballs of your dreams. If you forget to season the meat when you’re blending the mixture together, expect them to fall flat on flavor.
The Best Way to Reheat MeatballsSkills
Whether they’re made with beef, pork, lamb, or turkey, meatballs are supremely satisfying and have a way of making dinner more comforting. While they can certainly be made during the week, I prefer to make a big batch on Sunday afternoon. I tuck some away in the freezer, and pop the rest in the fridge to reheat for dinner.
How Many Sides Does a Meatball Have, Anyway?Skills
Q: Now that winter is upon us, and I foresee many hearty meatballs in the weekly repertoire, I’d like to ask a seemingly obvious question: When instructions say to brown meatballs “X minutes per side,” how many sides should be done? Two or four? Would it differ based on the size of the meatball (four for larger ones)? I’d love to know what everyone’s go-to is, as this instruction is very common but rarely gives specifics.
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Meatballs are an inexpensive blank canvas — take ground meat, add some seasonings, form into cute little balls, and cook! Whether you like them crispy, glazed, or simmered in sauce, they’re super versatile and delicious. Here are a few tips on putting them together and cooking them to guarantee tasty meatballs every time you make them!