How To Freeze Pumpkin PieSkills
Let me tell you the secret to holiday baking success: You can fully bake pumpkin pies right now and freeze them to enjoy later. Because of their fat content, fully baked pie crusts freeze beautifully, and the rich custard fillings of pumpkin pie and sweet potato seem as if they were designed to be frozen, too. Follow these tips to learn how to freeze a pumpkin pie—and defrost it perfectly when you’re ready to serve. Cool the pie completely.
7 Foods You Can Cook Straight Out of the FreezerSkills
The more hectic life gets with work, friends, and family, the more grateful I am that freezers were invented. A well-stocked freezer full of fruits, vegetables, and homemade meals has enabled me to eat better and not spend money on takeout. The downside of a lot of frozen foods, however, is that they usually need to be thawed in order to cook or reheat well. But did you know there are still plenty of foods out there that you can cook straight from the freezer, no thawing necessary?
The Best Topping for Ice Cream Sundaes, According to Pastry Chef Christina Tosi
“It delivers big on flavor and comfort.”
The Last Thing to Do with the Small Final Piece of Your Wax Paper Roll
Tips from The Kitchn
Because sweet treats are too good to waste.
What Is Gelato & How’s It Different Than Ice Cream?Skills
Is there really a difference between ice cream and gelato? Or is gelato just a fancier name for regular ol' ice cream?
What’s the Difference Between a Malt and a Milkshake?Skills
There are a whole lot of decisions to make in a diner. Do you want scrambled or fried eggs? Hash browns or home fries? White or wheat toast? When it comes to which sweet drink to enjoy, it’s a question of whether you want a malted shake or a milkshake. The difference between malted shake and milkshake is the use of malted milk powder. Read more to know difference between the two.
How to Properly Freeze Pesto So You Can Enjoy It LaterSkills
These are the two best ways to do it!
How Long Does Ice Cream Last in the Freezer?Skills
Here's how long it lasts, plus how to prolong its life.
What’s the Difference Between Frozen Custard and Ice Cream?Skills
Further proof that it's our differences that make us beautiful.
Jun 9, 2022
These Old-School Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Exactly What We Want This SummerSkills
They're the ultimate nostalgic treat.
Aug 14, 2021
The Absolute Best Crust for Ice Cream Pie Is Obvious (and I Bet You’re Not Using It)Skills
When it comes to pies, it’s hard to beat a crumb crust. Grind up some graham crackers or cookies, mix in some butter, press it into a pie pan, and you’re good to go. But have you ventured outside the cracker and cookie aisle to see what else might benefit from the crumb treatment? I hadn’t until I saw Kelly Senyei — the chef behind Just a Taste and the author of recently released The Secret Ingredient Cookbook — grinding up waffle cones on Instagram.
Jul 22, 2021
This Is the Absolute Best Way to Reheat PancakesSkills
Hint: It is sitting right on your counter.
Dec 4, 2020
This Is the One Thing You Should Always Do Before Freezing MeatSkills
It's one of the best meal-prep tips I picked up from my mom.
Aug 18, 2020
A Beginner’s Guide to Freezing Summer ProduceSkills
Your freezer is a culinary time capsule where summer can be remembered all winter long.
Jul 24, 2020
How To Freeze and Defrost Ground BeefSkills
Our favorite tool for the job might surprise you!
Jul 20, 2020
We Tried 7 Methods for Making Ice Cream Without a Machine and Found 2 Favorites
Skills Showdown
And now you have zero excuses for not making ice cream at home.
Jul 11, 2020
This Is the Summer to Learn to Make Ice Cream — We’ll Show You HowSkills
Make this the summer you conquer ice cream making at home.
Jul 2, 2020
The Best Way to Roast Frozen VegetablesSkills
This 3-step method means perfectly crispy veggies every time.
Apr 11, 2020
PSA: You Can Make Waffles with Just One IngredientSkills
No mixing bowl or whisk required.
Jan 16, 2020
Why You Should Never Thaw a Turkey in Warm WaterSkills
The last thing you want after your holiday gathering is everyone getting sick.
Nov 12, 2019
Ice Cream Sundaes: What’s Your Approach?Skills
There are ice cream sundaes and then there are ice cream sundaes. You know the ones: the interesting, inspired sundaes that boast fancy toppings, delicious sauces and homemade whipped cream. These aren’t usually the ones we make at home, but I so appreciate a well-crafted sundae and thought we should take a moment to discuss how to put together a memorable one — how to really craft one.
Sep 12, 2019
This $1 Ingredient Is the Secret to Fast and Easy Homemade Ice CreamSkills
Go from craving to churning in just a few minutes!
Aug 20, 2019
The Best Ice Cream Topping of the Summer Is Also the Most UnexpectedSkills
Hear us out on this salty choice.
Jun 30, 2019
The Best Way to Quickly & Safely Thaw Frozen Steak Skills
Remember this rule as we head into grilling season.
May 15, 2019
Sweet Ice! How Sugar Affects Freezing Food ScienceSkills
Have you ever had a batch of ice cream that stays soft and slushy no matter how long you leave it in the freezer? Or the other extreme, an ice cream that freezes so hard that you can hardly dig your spoon in for a taste? Sugar just might be the culprit behind both situations!As ice cream freezes, ice crystals separate from the liquid cream base. These crystals would normally join together into a solid mass (like a cream ice cube), but sugar molecules dissolved in the cream get in the way.
May 2, 2019
Twenty Percent of Vanilla Ice Cream Isn’t Vanilla — Or Ice CreamSkills
Vanilla ice cream doesn’t have the best reputation in the frozen dessert world. For starters, it’s an insult to call something “vanilla,” as the suggestion implies that whatever you’re referring to is essentially boring AF. Now we are about to add insult to injury with some cold-hearted facts: Nearly one in five store-bought vanilla ice creams doesn’t even contain vanilla, according to U.K. consumer insight organization Which?.
Aug 27, 2018
This Frozen Vegetable Is the Hero of Family DinnersSkills
When I was growing up, my mom always had a bag of frozen mixed vegetables in the freezer. Mostly she used it for icing boo-boos and hiding the box of Popsicles behind it, although occasionally she served a long-freezer-burned (and then microwave-steamed) serving of that bright-colored corn, carrot, and green bean medley.
Aug 5, 2018
The One Thing You Don’t (Always) Have to Do with Frozen SpinachSkills
I have vivid childhood memories of my mom standing over the kitchen sink on Christmas day squeezing the water out of defrosted packs of spinach to make her famous spinach casserole. Later my sister took over the task and she’d be shuddering from the semi-thawed clumps in her hands. It always seemed like such a nuisance — and so cold! So as an adult, I sort of tried to avoid frozen spinach all together.
Aug 2, 2018
7 Smart Tips to Help You Cook Frozen Veggies Like a ProSkills
If that row of rainbow veggies is any indication, frozen vegetables are ready to be celebrated. And over the past few weeks, we’ve done exactly that (even Queen Elsa chimed in!). Our deep dive into the freezer aisle revealed just how transformative frozen veggies can be — both in how much time they save and the instant nutrition they provide. Here, we’re rounding up our biggest deep-freeze learnings in hopes that you, too, will stock a rainbow-filled freezer.
Aug 2, 2018
10 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen SalmonSkills
Frozen salmon fillets are a freezer staple these days. Keep a few fillets on hand and you have a healthy meal on your hands at all times without having to run to the fish market on your way home. Transfer a portion or two to the fridge in the morning to defrost, and in the evening you’ll have countless options for dinner. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. Salmon might not be the first fish that comes to mind when you’re thinking tacos, but it makes for some seriously tasty ones.
Aug 1, 2018
7 Freezer Essentials If You’re Cooking for OneSkills
A smartly stocked freezer is a true asset for a solo cook. It ensures easy, fast meals for one are always within arm’s reach, no matter the day or occasion. And, of course, it’s a great place to stash leftovers. Here are seven ways to stock your freezer if you’re cooking for one. Keep a few bags of frozen fruits and vegetables in your freezer and you’ll always have something wholesome to reach for.
Jul 30, 2018
The Freezer Aisle Is the Secret to Even Easier Weeknight Stir-FriesSkills
By nature, stir-fries are quick-cooking meals that can be a breeze to pull together on weeknights. Fire up your wok, and watch dinner come together fast (like, under the 10-minute mark fast). But that doesn’t account for the vegetable prep — the washing, peeling, slicing, and dicing (and cleanup that goes along with it) before you can start cooking. There’s a way to make this weeknight wonder easier still, and it starts with a trip down the freezer aisle.
Jul 23, 2018
8 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen ArtichokesSkills
For many of us, artichokes aren’t a staple in the way frozen peas and broccoli are, so they can be easy to overlook during your weekly stroll down the freezer aisle. But I hope I can help you change that, because a bag of frozen artichokes (yes, go for the bag over the box!) is unbelievably versatile and can be used to make so many satisfying meals. Artichokes are the freezer vegetable with the power to make even the simplest bowl of weeknight pasta feel fancy.
Jul 19, 2018
The One Thing You Should Be Doing for Even Better Tater TotsSkills
After a (much-too-long) hiatus, I’ve reintroduced tater tots to my meal plan. And you know what? I think they taste even more amazing now than they did when I was a kid. All I had to do was change the way I cooked them. To cook a batch of irresistibly delicious tater tots, you’re going to need more time on the clock than what’s instructed on the bag.
Jul 17, 2018
For Better Frozen Vegetables, Skip the Directions on the Package and Do This InsteadSkills
We know you’ve got that bag of frozen peas or cauliflower languishing in the freezer because we do too. Want to make more room for ice cream in your freezer by using up those frozen vegetables regularly? Same! Our very best advice for using up the frozen vegetables is to skip the lengthy directions on the back of the box or bag and try these few shortcuts instead. You’ll get the same tasty, nutritious vegetables in less time from the freezer.
Jul 13, 2018
7 Surprising Things to Do with Frozen Fruit Beyond Making SmoothiesSkills
The freezer is such a treasure chest of kitchen delights. I reach into my own for frozen vegetables to get dinner done in a pinch, ice for cold brew and boo-boos alike, and frozen fruit like berries, cherries, and peaches (yes, even in the height of summer!). And yet, I’m not making smoothies every day. No, I’m using frozen fruit for everything from dessert to dinner in a few surprising ways that makes these frozen gems worth their weight in gold.
Jul 13, 2018
Skip Meal Prep with These Freezer StaplesSkills
I love meal planning. It is one of my favorite ways to feel prepared for each week and reduce my daily stress. But meal prep? The final step in meal planning where you chop veggies, make dressings, maybe even cook some meals? I’m really bad at it. Finding time — even just a few hours — over the weekend to cook is probably as hard for you as it is for me. Lately, I’ve been relying on the freezer aisle to help me prep parts of our meal plans to save me time during the week.
Jul 10, 2018
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Frozen VegetablesSkills
Frozen vegetables are a smart cook’s secret weapon. They eliminate two of the biggest roadblocks in the kitchen: washing and prepping produce (hello, slippery squash and stubborn edamame pods) and the time-consuming cleanup that inevitably follows. And, they’re pretty much the easiest way to work more veggies into your diet.
Jul 8, 2018
The One Frozen Vegetable Your Freezer Is MissingSkills
Since I grew up on frozen vegetables that were cooked in the microwave until they turned to mush, I wrote them all off as soon as I was an adult. I avoided the freezer aisle completely and proclaimed I’d only buy fresh vegetables from then on out. Then I walked into Trader Joe’s, where it’s basically impossible to write off the freezer aisle. And it was there I discovered the one frozen vegetable that completely changed my opinion: frozen artichokes.
Jul 3, 2018
7 Smart & Easy Ways to Eat Frozen BroccoliSkills
If you don’t already have a bag or two of frozen broccoli in your freezer, add it to your grocery list immediately. We’re huge fans of the stuff here at Kitchn — not only for its affordability and ease (forget about chopping down a big head of fresh broccoli!), but also for its versatility. Here are seven ways we love to use it. Add a little green to your breakfast by throwing frozen broccoli into your scrambled egg routine.
Jul 3, 2018
Here’s How to Turn Frozen Shrimp into a Damn Good DinnerSkills
It’s my day job here at Kitchn that convinced me that frozen shrimp was worth keeping in my freezer at all times. Previously, I’d simply buy shrimp from the fish counter at the grocery store when I needed it. Then my colleagues kept gushing about the freshness and convenience of frozen shrimp and I soon realized a whole lot of the “fresh” shrimp I was buying at the grocery store was actually previously frozen. So I gave it a try and almost instantly became a convert.
Jul 2, 2018
5 Things You Should Never Do When Making Banana Ice CreamSkills
This summer we think you should give banana ice cream, also known as nice cream, a try. Why? Well, for one it’s the easiest freezer treat that you can make without an ice cream maker. Nice cream is also full of fruit, easily customizable, and so dang delicious you’ll be eating it for breakfast too.
Jun 22, 2018
Wait, What Is Nice Cream?Skills
My first experience with “nice” ice cream was 10 years ago on a family vacation in Hawaii. The hotel served some type of magical dairy-free pineapple soft-serve, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they made it. So I ate as much of it as I could before the trip was over, then promptly resumed my nightly Graeter’s habit upon our return home to Cincinnati. I figured the magical stuff could only be created in the tropical oasis that is Maui.
Jun 22, 2018
Beyond Halo Top: We Taste-Tested 7 Other Low-Calorie Ice Creams (Here’s What We Loved!)Skills
A few days ago, one of my internet friends posted an Instagram story with step-by-step pics of his first Halo Top experience, like an ice cream unboxing sequence. He’d never had Halo Top before, which is weird because I assumed that the entire world was pretty much in agreement that it was the pinnacle of human achievement.
Jun 13, 2018
A Mom’s 12 Must-Haves for a Stocked Summer FreezerSkills
As a kid, my summertime food fantasy was to have a chest freezer brimming with Hot Pockets, Swan’s frozen food treats, and ice cream cones. Our actual summer fridge was more like a few bags of Otter Pops and some frozen chicken breasts, so I spent a lot of time trying to get invited over to friends’ houses whose parents did get Swan’s deliveries (and had a pool!) Now as a parent myself, I realize what a valuable tool my freezer will be this summer.
Jun 11, 2018
Here’s How Long to Thaw Frozen ChickenSkills
There are a couple of options depending on how many hours you've got until dinner.
Apr 16, 2018
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Has a Special Deal for Valentine’s DaySkills
Valentine’s Day is next week. I felt like I had to get that information out of the way for anyone, like me, who has been sitting around thinking, Why is everyone writing so many Valentine’s Day stories right now? I still haven’t taken off all my New Year’s Eve makeup. Valentine’s Day is a million years away. But Valentine’s Day is actually next week, so you should start making plans. Personally, I don’t really like going out on Valentine’s Day.
Feb 7, 2018
This One Tip Is a Game-Changer for Frozen Ground BeefSkills
So you bought a pound of ground beef when it was on sale last week because you were finally going to make that Philly cheesesteak pasta skillet. But the week got away from you and now you’ve got to act fast before this perfectly lovely mix of 85/15 ground chuck goes bad. What are you to do? Freeze it, right? Yes, but there’s one little thing you’ve got to do first that’s going to make all the difference when it comes time to use it.
Oct 2, 2017
10 Ways Your Freezer Can Be Your BFFSkills
Your freezer wants to be your best friend. Let it. Who else will make your food taste better than before? Check out this list of items better when consumed frozen as well as those that are better for having been frozen. You’ll find new life for many of your favorites just by giving them a chance to chill out. Some things are pretty tasty with a chill still on them. They tend to lean toward the sweeter side, which means a cool dessert is always close at hand.
Aug 30, 2017
10 Foods to Stash in the Freezer for a Quick Weeknight SoupSkills
Soup night is one of my favorites. About once a week in cooler months, I rummage through my freezer for little nuggets of gold that I can quickly turn into soup. Soup is so forgiving and can be made with the smallest bits of different things. Paired with a loaded bread basket, soup night is a winner. Here are 10 foods to stash in your freezer for quick and easy soup suppers. A good stock or broth is key to a great soup.
Aug 22, 2017
10 Easy Ways to Turn Frozen Potstickers into Weeknight DinnersSkills
Basically 10 reasons to keep a bag in your freezer.
Aug 22, 2017
10 Ways to Turn Frozen Meatballs into an Easy Weeknight DinnerSkills
Keeping meatballs stashed in the freezer makes last-minute dinners a breeze.
Aug 16, 2017
5 Things to Know About Freezer BurnSkills
Have you ever opened up your freezer to find that your once red beef is looking a little brown? Or taken a pint of ice cream out only to discover the top is covered in ice crystals? Freezer burn happens to the best of us. Here’s what you should know. When you see that your red meat has taken on a dull brown shade, or your chicken has gone a bit pale, it’s easy to worry it’s gone bad — but it’s totally safe to eat!
Jul 28, 2017
7 Signs Something Has Gone Bad in the FreezerSkills
Not everyone's freezer is 100 percent consistent. Make sure you know what to look for.
Jul 28, 2017
Can You Eat Something That Has Freezer Burn? Here’s What the USDA Says.Skills
Picture this: You’re doing your weekly grocery shop and there’s a great deal on a family pack of chicken thighs. And now that you’re looking in the meat section, you were thinking maybe you’d have a cookout this weekend and the ground beef is on sale. And you might as well stock up on buns because, well, it’s still summer-ish and you need buns. Somehow you walk out of the store with more than enough to feed you, your family, and then some.
Jul 26, 2017
Why Frozen Peaches Are Better than FreshSkills
Here’s the secret no Southern cook wants you to know: As much pride as we have for our state’s peaches, we all have a bag (or more) of frozen peaches hidden away in the deep freeze. Yes, a peak-season peach is worthy of songs and stories of longing, but frozen peaches are a steadfast staple of Southern cooks in the know. First of all, let me be clear that I’m talking about frozen peaches, not canned peaches.
Jul 21, 2017
This Country Eats the Most Ice Cream in the World — And It’s Not the U.S.Skills
Ice cream is loved around the globe and if you think the United States is the largest per capita consumer of the treat, it’s time to recalibrate your knowledge. According to an annual report from Mintel, the U.S. is neither the country that consumes the most ice cream nor the nation with the highest per capita intake. Last year, the U.S. scarfed down 2.7 billion liters of ice cream. That’s a lot.
Jul 14, 2017
The Most Essential Ice Cream CookbooksSkills
While the internet offers plenty of recipes (ahem, our site included), nothing quite beats the feeling a real, live cookbook in your grasp. That’s especially true when you’re diving into the wide world of homemade ice cream and in search of serious guidance to get you on your way. Having something tactile in your grasp is like having a floatie to reach for once you’ve splashed in.
Jun 8, 2017
5 Ways to Store Your Homemade Ice CreamSkills
So you finally got around to pulling your ice cream maker from the depths of your kitchen cabinet, and you’re getting ready to churn up a batch of this cool, creamy treat. In addition to narrowing down your flavor options (so many choices!), there’s one more task at hand: finding the right container to store the ice cream. Here are five choices that get the job done.
Jun 7, 2017
What’s the Difference Between Vanilla and French Vanilla Ice Cream?Skills
Growing up, my dad always chose half gallons of French vanilla ice cream over vanilla ice cream when we’d go shopping together. They all looked beige and creamy to me, but I trusted his instinct. With “French” on the label, he assumed superior quality — they make pretty phenomenal cheese and wine, after all — but was he right? What actually is the difference between a tub of plain ol’ vanilla and French vanilla ice cream?
Jun 7, 2017
Add a Little of This to Make Softer, More Scoopable Ice CreamSkills
When I started making ice cream from scratch, I dove in deep, churning out a mix of flavors weekly. I read through The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz cover to cover, and practically kept it by my nightstand during that first summer. While he taught me all about the best mix-ins and flavoring agents, the biggest tip I took away was how to ensure that my ice cream was as soft and scoopable as those from the best mom-and-pop shops.
Jun 7, 2017
The First Thing You Should Always Do When Making Ice CreamSkills
I remember the very first time I took my ice cream maker for a spin. I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of finally making my favorite dessert from scratch. I ever-so-carefully heated, whisked, and stirred the base. I chilled it, just the way the recipe called for, and then I hit a roadblock that completely derailed my ice cream dreams (at least for that day). There was one simple step that I completely overlooked: I forgot to put the ice cream bowl in the freezer ahead of time.
May 31, 2017
You’re One Ingredient Away from the Best Milkshake of Your LifeSkills
At its most basic, a really good milkshake can be whirled together with nothing more than some good ice cream and milk. That’s the simple version I sipped and savored for years. Then I was introduced to an upgrade that changed everything. With the help of one inexpensive pantry ingredient, I was blending together the best milkshakes of my life. Here’s how you can do it too. All that stands between you and the best milkshake of your life is powdered milk.
May 31, 2017