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If a morning starts with French toast, you know it’s going to be a good day. The best is browned and crispy on the outside while incredibly custardy and rich on the inside. Really good French toast can seriously make you reconsider ever making pancakes and waffles again. So what are the secrets to achieving greatness? Here are five key things to watch out for. The heart and soul of French toast really is the bread — use something sub-par and the final result is going to be sub-par.
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Each year we splurge on this amazing locally made eggnog since it’s the only time of year they make it. One of our family traditions is to trim the Christmas tree while drinking eggnog and munching on cookies. And one of the best parts about having this eggnog around? It makes the best French toast ever. The downside of this local eggnog is that it doesn’t have a long shelf life, so I feel sad whenever we don’t finish it in time.