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Why My Teenager Should Know How to Cook Eggs
One of the most important meals for kids to learn is breakfast. It’s not about them; it’s about you. The earlier you teach this one, the sooner you get to sleep a little later. Just this morning, I woke up to the smell of sizzling pancetta, butter, and eggs. Although it smelled delightful, I knew that meal wasn’t for me, and that’s what made it great. It smelled like 15 more minutes of sleep and the joy of having raised a competent teenager.
Sep 30, 2020
I “Hide” Veggies in My Toddler’s Smoothies and I Feel No Remorse
I still remember the controversy in 2007 when Jessica Seinfeld came out with a cookbook about how to sneak vegetable purées into kid-approved dishes like mac and cheese and brownies. It sounded like a bad idea to me. How would a child learn to recognize and eventually enjoy vegetables if they were eating them unknowingly?
Sep 30, 2020
The First Rule of Feeding Kids: Always Bring a Banana
Have you ever noticed how many recipes there are for banana muffins out there? The plethora of banana-flavored toddler snacks? Or how many banana songs there are for kids? (If you like to eat, eat, eat eeples and baneenies you’re not alone.) There’s a reason for that — it’s because bananas are heaven’s gifts to parents with hungry kids. Yes, they’re chock-full of potassium and a good source of vitamin C. Sure, they are self-contained.
Sep 30, 2020
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Roasting Brussels Sprouts
Some of these are more common than you think.
Sep 11, 2020
My Hack for the Easiest Pizza Friday
And it's not calling out for delivery.
Sep 11, 2020
The One Thing Pizza Pros Want You to Stop Doing
Your pizza will taste better AND you'll save money. Win-win!
Sep 10, 2020
The 3-Cheese Formula for Better Homemade Pizza
You really can't have too much of a good thing.
Sep 8, 2020
8 Glorious Ways to Use Pizza Dough — Besides Making Pizza!
It's not just for pizza, okay?
Sep 7, 2020
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Making Pizza at Home
Pizza Week
You can make exquisite, crave-worthy pizza in your own kitchen without much more than some mixing bowls, a sturdy sheet pan, and your oven.
Sep 7, 2020
Cream Cheese Is the Secret Ingredient for Better No-Bake Desserts
And not just because it tastes so good!
Sep 2, 2020
This Is the Best Way to Cut a Watermelon for Snacking
This shape makes eating watermelon even more fun (and less messy).
Aug 27, 2020
The Real Difference Between a Cupcake and a Muffin Might Surprise You
Nope, it isn't just the frosting!
Aug 20, 2020
Ranch Wants to Be So Much More than Salad Dressing — Here Are 5 New Ways to Use It Up
It really does make everything taste better.
Aug 20, 2020
The Brilliant, Low-Effort Way to Always Have Pizza at a Moment’s Notice
Bonus: It supports your local businesses!
Aug 14, 2020
15 Incredible Upgrades for Frozen Pizza
Frozen pizza can be a super satisfying meal with just a few upgrades.
Aug 11, 2020
I Tried Martha Stewart’s Unusual Kale Prep Hack and of Course It Works
All you need is a slotted spoon.
Aug 11, 2020
Frilly, Crunchy & Crazy Bitter: All the Ways We Love Frisée
A bitter green you'll actually love.
Aug 5, 2020
The Best Way to Prep Lettuce for a Salad Is by Violently Smashing It on a Table (No Really, I Swear!)
According to a now-viral TikTok video by @nutritionbabe, if you hold your romaine upright and smash the bottom against your countertop, you’ll end up with perfectly cut lettuce.
Aug 5, 2020
The Difference Between Eggs Over Easy and Sunny-Side-Up
It's all about the flip.
Jul 21, 2020
10 Grilled Veggies to Pair with Anything You’re Cooking
Exactly what to eat next to your burgers, dogs, and more all grilling season long.
Jul 16, 2020
Here’s How to Get Crinkly Chocolate Chip Cookies (Without All That Pan-Banging)
Get that same texture from *any* cookie recipe without the clatter or rigorous cookie manipulation.
Jul 15, 2020
This Is the One Thing I Always Do Before Freezing Chicken
It's a game-changer for weeknight dinners.
Jul 14, 2020
We Tried 7 Methods for Making Ice Cream Without a Machine and Found 2 Favorites
Skills Showdown
And now you have zero excuses for not making ice cream at home.
Jul 11, 2020
Here’s How to Take a Summer Vacation from Your Sourdough Starter
Take a break from baking bread while the weather is hot!
Jul 10, 2020
This Small but Brilliant Tip Makes Pasta Salad So Much Better
It's the difference between a boring pasta salad and an exceptional one.
Jul 2, 2020
This Is the Summer to Learn to Make Ice Cream — We’ll Show You How
Make this the summer you conquer ice cream making at home.
Jul 2, 2020
The One Thing You Should Be Adding to Your Salad
I'll never make a salad without it again.
Jun 20, 2020
This Summer, This Is How We Salad
How We Salad
A complete guide to making better, bolder salads this season.
Jun 20, 2020
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ice (Yes, Ice)
Everything you never knew you wanted to know about ice.
Jun 18, 2020
5 Delicious Ways to Use Up Overripe Strawberries
Strawberry butter, anyone?
Jun 18, 2020
The 5 Best Red Wines for Sangria
Most recipes just call for "dry red wine" — we're taking the guesswork away.
Jun 18, 2020
We Tested 7 Methods for Washing and Drying Salad Greens and Found a Clear Winner
Skills Showdown
Because it's salad season.
Jun 18, 2020
The $2 Pantry Ingredient That Can Transform Any Fruit into Dessert
Taste Makers
You might already have it in your pantry.
Jun 16, 2020
How to Make Soda Water
The good news is that you don't need a fancy soda machine to get your own bubbly water at home.
Jun 16, 2020
The Best Ingredient You’re Not Putting in Your Pesto
You're one ingredient away from the umami-packed pesto of your dreams.
Jun 11, 2020
The One Thing I Never Do to My Pestos
Skip this step to save time and make your pesto taste even better.
Jun 8, 2020
We Tried 10 Methods for Making Lemonade and Found One Clear Winner
Skills Showdown
When the Universe gives you lemons, make lemonade.
May 21, 2020
What Is Ranch Water? (And Why Is It So Hot Right Now?)
No, it has nothing to do with the salad dressing.
May 20, 2020
How to Freeze Cake Slices, According to a Pastry Pro
So you can bake a cake and eat it all too.
May 15, 2020
How To Make Homemade Chicken Stock with Whatever Kitchen Scraps You Have
The rich, golden-hued liquid will upgrade your soups, risottos, sauces, and more.
May 15, 2020
The One Thing I Always Do When Making Banana Bread (and You Should Too!)
I've been doing this for 15 years.
May 12, 2020
Burning Sugar Was My Mother's Best Cooking Advice
It's the difference between good caramel and great caramel.
May 6, 2020
7 Recipes to Have on Hand When You've Broken a Cake
Don't cry over broken cake.
May 4, 2020
Um, Did You Know You Can Make Light and Airy Pavlova in Your Slow Cooker?
You just need four ingredients, some parchment paper, and a slow cooker.
May 4, 2020
If You’re Looking for Weeknight Dinner Magic, This Classic French Sauce Is Your Hero
Can frozen peas become dinner? Béchamel them. What can I do with chicken, cheese, and a box of pasta? A béchamel, my friends.
May 3, 2020
Yes, You Really Can Make Your Own Brown Sugar at Home
It's just two ingredients!
Apr 28, 2020
75+ Little Dinner Ideas for When You Don’t Want to Cook Whatsoever
Take a Break
Some nights, you need a break.
Apr 21, 2020
The Best Way to Store Any Cake
Fact: Most cakes do not need to be refrigerated.
Apr 14, 2020
3 Simple Tricks for Getting Perfect Slices of Cake
No more sloppy slices!
Apr 12, 2020
My Mom Hacked Cake Mix to Make the Best Birthday Cake Ever
My mom's "legendary" birthday cake was actually doctored-up cake mix. Here's how she made It incredible.
Apr 7, 2020
6 Food-Stylist Tips to Make a More Beautiful Cake
Pretty Delicious
From trimming the layers to crumb-coating, here's how to create picture-perfect cakes.
Apr 1, 2020
Comfort Me with Sourdough: An Absolute Beginner's Guide
Sourdough for Beginners
Our team is all-in on sourdough. Want to join us? It's the best baking adventure of all, and everything you need to get started is right here.
Mar 25, 2020
The Easiest Way to Use Up Salad Greens
Don't throw them out.
Mar 17, 2020
The Best Thing to Meal Prep When You’re Cooking for One
If you only have time to do one thing, make it this.
Mar 6, 2020
Yes, You Can Toast Nuts in the Microwave — Here's How
It takes a fraction of the time!
Mar 4, 2020
The Smart and Surprising Trick for Easy Stovetop Oatmeal Every Morning
It's done before the coffee is even ready!
Mar 2, 2020
The One Ingredient That Makes French Toast So Much Better
Hint: It might be on your bar cart.
Mar 1, 2020
You're Probably Missing Out on the Best Part of Broccoli
If you're throwing away the stems, you're doing it wrong.
Feb 28, 2020
Julia Turshen's Genius Cooking Technique Changed How I Make My Eggs
I will never go back to my old egg-frying method again.
Feb 26, 2020
The Best Way to Reheat Pizza
As someone who can’t stomach cold pizza I had a wood-burning desire to know if there is, in fact, a best way to reheat pizza.
Feb 25, 2020
The Slow Cooker Stew Mistake You’re Probably Making — And How to Fix It
This gets the beef extra tender without letting the veggies fall apart.
Feb 21, 2020
Alton’s “Ooey” Brownie Trick: Bake Them *Twice*
Somewhere between hitting pause and baking twice!
Feb 20, 2020
This $4 Ingredient Is the Secret to the Very Best Chocolate Desserts
Taste Makers
You need this in your pantry.
Feb 10, 2020
2 Simple Reasons Your Dutch Baby Didn’t Rise — and How to Fix Them
Here's what you can do to ensure tall results.
Feb 9, 2020
This Trick for Making Heart-Shaped Cupcakes Without a Special Pan Is Ingenious
The secret is in your pantry.
Feb 5, 2020
This Is the Best Way to Revive Stale Granola
Who knew you could re-crunchify those oats?
Feb 4, 2020
How to get Maximum Butter on Your Popcorn (with Minimal Sogginess)
I have spent years perfecting this method.
Feb 3, 2020
This Super-Simple Way I Make Scrambled Eggs Feel Fancy
It doesn't take any more time, but it does make the eggs taste amazing.
Jan 31, 2020
We Tested Three Ways to Keep Pancakes Warm
We pitted a pancake warmer against the tinfoil method and the oven method. Guess which one won?
Jan 29, 2020
The $2 Ingredient That Makes Buttermilk Pancakes *Much* Better
One-Ingredient Upgrade
You can use it in any mix or recipe!
Jan 27, 2020
The One Thing That Makes Any Egg Casserole *Much* Better
You don't even have to work harder for it!
Jan 24, 2020
The Pantry Staple You Should Be Adding to Every Pot of Chili
Nope, it's not cocoa powder.
Jan 22, 2020