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Can I Substitute Skim or Almond Milk for Whole Milk in Rice Pudding?
Q: For recipes that require whole milk, can I sub lactose-free skim or use almond milk? I was thinking specifically about rice pudding. Sent by Patti Editor: Of course you can, but you’ll be decreasing the overall amount of fat in the recipe, which will impact how it will taste and feel in your mouth. For a recipe like rice pudding, the whole milk is responsible for the creamy, round texture in the mouth and the distinct milky-sweet flavor.
Feb 4, 2016
Add Goat Cheese, Sausage & Roasted Root Vegetables to Your Stuffing
Thanksgiving is just a few days away, friends. Do you still need a side dish to serve to your guests or bring to a potluck? This impressive stuffing recipe — with roasted root vegetables, sausage, and goat cheese — might be just the thing you’ve been looking for. What I really love most about this stuffing — and what I think makes it stand out — is the roasted root vegetable mixture.
Nov 23, 2015
Is There a Difference Between Commercial & Homemade Buttermilk?
There are times when you decide to buy buttermilk, and then there are times when you just don’t feel like committing to purchasing a whole quart when your recipe only calls for half a cup. You opt to make it at home — by adding vinegar to milk — but it never gets quite as thick as the buttermilk you buy at the grocery store. If you’ve ever questioned whether or not this shortcut makes a difference, here’s what you need to know.
Sep 10, 2015
The Science of Why Acid Curdles Milk
A commonly used homemade substitute for buttermilk is made by mixing an acid with milk (usually a tablespoon of vinegar for every cup of milk). When you’ve done this at home, you’ve probably noticed that the milk curdles and becomes lumpy over time. If you’ve ever wondered why acids curdle milk, I’ve got the answer.
Aug 27, 2015
10 Little Upgrades for Your Whipped Cream
Whipped cream is a truly wonderful thing. This lightly sweetened, rich and creamy topping can single-handedly take a dessert from good to great in a hot second. Whether you’ve got a crisp, cobbler, pie, ice cream, or even just some ripe summer berries, no treat is complete without a giant dollop of fluffy whipped cream. Just when you thought whipped cream couldn’t possibly get any better, it can — all it takes is one of these 10 tiny upgrades to make it happen.
Aug 14, 2015
Your Pizza Doesn’t Always Have to Have Mozzarella Cheese
Mozzarella cheese is a pizza mainstay. It’s probably the default cheese that comes to mind when you think of pizza, and for good reason — it’s undeniably melty and delicious. But when it comes to topping your pizza, can we just agree that mozzarella is not the end-all, be-all? There are plenty of other cheeses out there that make a darn good pizza.
Jul 9, 2015
I Like American Cheese, and I’m Not Ashamed
We all have guilty-pleasure foods, ones we sometimes don’t like to reveal to others, but secretly enjoy. American cheese should be one of mine, but to be honest, I’ve shed the guilt for liking it and am here to proclaim: All hail American cheese! I like cheese of any kind, and there’s rarely a dish that can’t be made better with the addition of cheese in my book, but I didn’t grow up eating very much cheese since my Chinese parents didn’t like it.
Jun 26, 2015
7 Essential Tips for Making (and Storing) Better Whipped Cream
Whether you’re serving up pie, cake, pudding, or a sky-high ice cream sundae, there’s one thing all of these desserts have in common. They’re all made better with a dollop (okay, a few dollops) of lightly sweetened homemade whipped cream. Or perhaps you prefer a no-bake icebox cake or an easy trifle, where whipped cream holds its own as one of the main ingredients. Either way, knowing how to make a good, sturdy whipped cream is a skill. An important one.
Apr 24, 2015
Overwhipped Your Cream? There’s an Easy Way to Fix That
It happens to best of us: we turn on the mixer to whip up some cream and then a distracting phone call or text comes. Next thing you know, the cream has gone from soft and billowy to a lumpy, grainy consistency that’s not very appetizing anymore. Is it ruined and you have to start over? Nope, there’s a super-easy way to fix that overwhipped cream!
Apr 3, 2015
What’s the Difference Between Brie and Camembert?
If you love creamy, earthy French cheese with a bloomy rind They have quite a lot in common, but do you know what sets them apart? Brie and Camembert look similar, are often served in similar ways, and even come from a similar recipe, yet there are subtle differences that set these two cheeses apart. Here’s what you need to know about them. While there’s no official record, it’s believed that Brie has been around longer than Camembert.
Feb 24, 2015
How Is Skim Milk Made?
Sometimes my fridge contains too many varieties of milk — whole milk for my toddler, 2% low-fat milk for the other kids who hang out here, and skim milk for my husband. Seeing the lineup got me thinking recently: How exactly do you get all the fat out of skim milk, and is that the only difference between it and the other kinds of milk? Skim milk goes by “skimmed milk” in the United Kingdom and Canada. It is also sometimes referred to as nonfat or fat-free milk.
Feb 10, 2015
Why Champagne Is the Only Wine I Serve with Cheese
In the past, when I hosted a party and served a cheese platter or a cheese course, I stressed out about the right kind of wine to pair with it. Should I go red, which would go better with strongly flavored cheeses, or do I go white to complement tangy goat cheese? Should I offer both? Then I stumbled on the solution, and it’s become the only wine I now serve with cheese: Champagne. Call it sparkling wine if you must, but I just call it the perfect pairing.
Dec 17, 2014
Why Is My Homemade Yogurt Slimy?
Q: I use a Euro Cuisine yogurt maker. I make nearly perfect yogurt every time, but twice now, it has turned out slimy — Elmer’s glue consistency. I make two-quart batches and I use a new culture with every batch. Maybe it picked up an infection? The first time, I forgot about it and it reached 200 degrees, so I chalked it up to a too-high temperature. This time, though, I did all the same steps (and I make yogurt weekly).
Nov 17, 2014
What’s the Deal with Sharp Cheddar Cheese?
It’s hard to imagine life without cheddar cheese — there’s a block of it in my fridge at all times, ready to be sprinkled onto scrambled eggs, melted into grilled cheese sandwiches, or stirred into bechamel sauce for homemade macaroni and cheese. But cheddar cheeses can be confusing: some are white, some are yellow or orange, and some cheddars are labeled mild, sharp, or extra sharp. Cheddars seem to be the only cheese with that label, so what does it all mean?
Oct 17, 2014
Why Did My Homemade Butter Get Crumbly?
Q: I made The Kitchn’s homemade butter and I love the recipe, but my finished butter was crumbly. Do you know why? It was my first time, and I used a hand mixer for the majority of the mixing. I added some ice water, and the butter actually formed faster. Then I put it in my magic bullet and a few seconds later, butter. I used a strainer to get as much liquid as I could out.
Jul 7, 2014
5 Ways to Use Leftover Coconut Milk
I’ve been cooking with coconut milk a lot lately, and I seem to have a knack for picking recipes that never quite use the entire can. It feels wasteful to to get rid of the leftovers, so whether it’s just a few tablespoons or a cup, I always save what’s left. To prevent your leftover coconut milk from getting lost and forgotten in the back of the fridge, here are five great ways to use up that open can.
Jun 2, 2014
This One Small Extra Step Makes the Cheesiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever
The grilled cheese is the little black dress of sandwiches with good reason: it’s classic and never goes out of style. There’s just something about the simple-yet-unbeatable combination of buttered, toasted bread with gooey cheese in the middle. But what if you could up your grilled cheese game by making them even cheesier? A sprinkling of a hard, aged cheese like Parmesan or Pecorino Romano onto the buttered bread before you toast it adds an amazing dimension to the final sandwich.
May 29, 2014
What’s the Difference Between Boxed, Canned, and Powdered Coconut Milk?
Coconut milk is a pantry staple for us — there are so many delicious ways to cook with it! You can even make your own coconut milk at home. But if you’re buying it at the store, should you get the kind in a can or a box? What about BPA? And did you know it also comes in powdered and concentrated forms? We’ve sorted out the pros and cons of each.
May 1, 2014
5 Ways to Use Leftover Buttermilk
Recipe: Cranberry Buttermilk Pancakes It happens every time: you buy a carton of buttermilk, use it in a specific recipe, and then spend a week feeling guilty every time you open up the fridge and see it sitting there unused. But not this time! Here are five ideas — and over 15 recipes — for using up your leftover buttermilk. Buttermilk makes tender cakes, quick breads and biscuits, and works with both sweet and savory flavors.
Mar 4, 2014
Want the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Put a Lid On It!
I’ve long perfected my method for the perfect grilled cheese, but when I first started cooking, it always seemed to elude me. Either my sandwich was toasted on the outside with unmelted cheese inside, or the cheese was gooey but the outside burnt. That was until I figured out the old line cook trick: put a lid on it! If you’ve ever watched a line cook make a grilled cheese on a flat top, you’ve seen this method.
Feb 10, 2014
A Delicious Way to Serve Butter
Serving butter at the holiday table is often an afterthought. I don’t always put butter on my bread, so the moment when I remember it is when my butter-loving father-in-law comes to dinner and peers expectantly around the table, quietly looking for the butter dish. But for this Thanksgiving dinner I’m sharing with you this week, I wanted to do something a little more special and delicious. It takes approximately five seconds, and everyone raved.
Nov 5, 2013
5 Essentials for the Home Cook from Cowgirl Creamery
Sue Conley and Peggy Smith opened Cowgirl Creamery back in the early 1990s. Both had strong backgrounds in the Bay Area restaurant scene, with Sue at Bette’s Diner and Peggy at Chez Panisse. Inspired by life in bucolic West Marin and ready for something new, they decided to open a food store in Point Reyes Station; and soon after that they developed their first cheese: the delicious, creamy, elegant triple cream named Mt.
Oct 16, 2013
How I Made Pimiento Cheese for an Expat in Italy
I try to be a good house guest, especially when invited to stay at a friend’s country home in Italy for a month, free of charge, with my three children. When my host, originally from South Carolina, expressed her sadness at her inability to find one of our un-official state foods in her new home, you better believe I tried to make it happen. Here’s how I made pimiento cheese, from ingredients we found in a regular grocery store in the Italian countryside.
Jun 21, 2013
The Very Best Cheese for a Frittata: What Gets Your Vote?
In a recent piece about frittatas for The Washington Post, food writer Joe Yonan discussed deciding which cheese to use for his spring frittata. He favors a salty feta, although he recognizes that not everyone agrees. For instance, he mentions that chef and cookbook writer Lidia Bastianich reaches for a rich, whole-milk ricotta (which I’d never thought to do).
May 31, 2013
What To Do With Whey: Greek Yogurt’s Popularity, and Its Acid Whey Problem
I read a very interesting article this morning in Modern Farmer. Apparently Greek yogurt’s ascendant popularity in recent years has created a not-so-insignificant problem: acid whey waste. Acid, or sour, whey — the liquid that runs off when you strain yogurt or cottage cheese — is a troublesome byproduct: it’s toxic to the natural environment, yet not easy to integrate back into the workings of a factory or farm. So what can big food companies do with the acid whey?
May 24, 2013
Why You Should (Almost) Always Pair Cheese with White Wine, Not Red
When we think of a wine and cheese party we automatically think of red wine, but in fact white wine is actually a much better partner for many types of cheese. Read on to find out more about perfect cheese and wine pairings. Admittedly, for most people red wine is the go-to partner for cheese. However, the issue with red wine, especially a full-bodied red, is that it can overpower all but the most robust of cheeses.
May 16, 2013
Leftover Ricotta? 5 Ideas for Using Up the Rest of the Container
Usually half-used containers of anything make me want to pull my hair out as I scramble for ways to use them up before the contents go bad. Not so with ricotta! In fact, I find myself looking forward to having a few spoonfuls leftover from a recipe just so I can use them however I want. My favorite nefarious uses for leftover ricotta? Here are five to try.1.
Apr 24, 2013
Have You Ever Tried a “Freshly Cracked” Wheel of Cheese?
Whole Foods event As it turns out, you don’t simply just crack a wheel open. It’s actually a skilled practice requiring an assortment of tools to get that just-so crumbly texture we all know and love — and you thought cracking open a coconut was hard! Once opened, the first thing I noticed was the aroma. That unmistakable salty air of Parmigiano that you can seemingly taste.
Mar 26, 2013
The Secret to Smooth Nacho Cheese Sauce…Without Processed Cheese
One painful fact of life is that no cheese melts into a smooth, creamy nacho sauce as well as processed cheese. But wait! The people at Modernist Cuisine have discovered a simple trick for emulsifying your favorite Gruyère or aged cheddar into a smooth sauce to rival Velveeta’s. Sodium citrate, an emulsifying salt, is all you need to transform a tasty block of real cheese into a creamy cheese sauce.
Oct 12, 2012
7 Cheeses to Try on Your Next Pizza (Other than Mozzarella!)
Trust me, I’ll take a big slice of pizza topped with gooey mozzarella any day of the week (and twice on Tuesday). I love it so much that it’s easy to make pizzas with nothing but mozzarella. But sometimes I need a reminder that there are other cheeses out there. Here are seven of my favorites. Creamy, mild ricotta works well on its own or in combination with gooey mozzarella.
Oct 11, 2012
What Is Vat Pasteurized Milk?
I picked up a liter of vat pasteurized milk at a specialty market the other day. It was expensive (about $3.50 plus the $1.50 bottle credit which I can get back if I return the bottle) but I was curious enough to splurge. I had never heard of vat pasteurized milk before but the milk was also local, sustainable, organic, non-homogenized, and came from Jersey cows so there was a lot to be curious about.
Mar 13, 2012
Suggestions for Baked Cheese in Pastry — Other Than Brie?
Q: I know baked brie is quite common (and usually very popular) and I’ve seen some interesting variations on the norm — but to be honest, brie isn’t really my thing.Are there any yummy (holiday) variations of brie en croute that use other cheeses?Sent by JessicaEditor: Jessica, why yes, there are certainly other options.
Dec 30, 2011
The Key To Creaming Butter By Hand
5 months ago my stand mixer broke. I’m sure it’s something simple to fix, but I just haven’t had the time. Lame right? Totally. Instead, this holiday season I’ve made all my cookies by hand and there’s one major think you have to pay attention to when not using a mixer — creaming the butter! Creaming butter is an important step in the process of baking. It gives your sugar lift and spreads out all the little granules and adds some air to your mixture.
Dec 7, 2011
Can I Make Mac & Cheese Ahead of Time and Bake Later?
Q: Can macaroni and cheese be made a day ahead, refrigerated and then baked before use?Sent by RuthEditor: Ruth, yes, absolutely. In fact, it can even be frozen at this point. (When ready to use, thaw and bake.)Readers, any specific advice for making mac and cheese ahead?Next question?
Aug 23, 2011
Check These Out! Edible Parmesan Pencils
This box of pencils packs a cheesy punch! Leave it to a German ad agency to think up this cute — and practical! — way to transport and serve Parmesan cheese. But are they coming to the United States anytime soon?Disguised as run-of-the-mill over-sized pencils, the “leads” of these pencils are actually flavored Parmesan cheese. Each set comes with a sharpener, allowing one to shave truffle, chili, and pesto flavored Parmesan right from the pencils.
Jul 22, 2011
Cellulose: The Wood Pulp in Your Shredded Cheese
Have you ever glanced at the ingredients in a shredded cheese package or a quart of ice cream and wondered, “What is cellulose and why is it here?” The Wall Street Journal took a closer look at this popular food additive — made from wood pulp or other plant fibers — and the many roles it plays in the packaged foods we eat. In packaged shredded cheese, cellulose is used to coat the pieces of cheese, blocking out the moisture that causes them to clump.
May 9, 2011
Shallots Oozing White Milky Fluid. Are They Still OK?
Q: Help! I just cut into a shallot and noticed milky white fluid coming from it.Is it OK?Sent by JessicaEditor: Jessica, yes, this is absolutely normal! There’s no problem with the shallot. We’ve noticed this milky white liquid in some onions as well as shallots, and it seems to have no effect on the taste.Readers, any clue on this liquid?Next question?
Apr 21, 2011
Why You Should Fry Your Grilled Cheese in Mayonnaise!
We’ve already featured Jamie Oliver’s toasted cheese and Nora’s Dad’s grilled cheese this week. Now it’s time for a gilled cheese tip from Blood, Bones and Butter author Gabrielle Hamilton, as revealed in the Holiday issue of Canal House Cooking. Her unusual grilled cheese method? Spreading the outsides of the bread with mayonnaise instead of butter before frying. This was something I had to try! Read on for my review.
Apr 15, 2011
What Are Some Great Cheeses To Go With Whiskey?
Q: My husband is having a few of his friends over for a whiskey tasting. I want to make a cheese tray to go with the various whiskeys they will be sampling but I don’t know where to start. The Cheesemonger’s recent post regarding Kerrygold Aged Cheddar was a help, but is only one cheese and I’ll need more than that for my tray!I don’t know the exact whiskeys they will be sampling, as it’s BYOW, but they all will be “Highland Scotch Whiskeys.
Mar 29, 2011
In a Hurry: 3 Defrosting Tips for Super Fast Results
Freezing food is a great way to conserve and plan for easy dinners, however, it doesn’t make for a spontaneous cooking experience. Read on for a few tips that take defrosting beyond waiting hours and nuking it in the microwave. 1. Thaw Meat Quickly with Water – This trick has become the standard in my kitchen. Simply put frozen meat in a bowl and run cool water over it until it has thawed. Don’t use warm or hot water as it will start to cook the surface of the meat.
Mar 25, 2011
What the Heck is Philadelphia “Cooking Creme”?
It’s not sour cream. It isn’t whipping cream. It doesn’t quite seem to be cream cheese. But it’s all over TV ads and prominently displayed in the grocery cooler, coupons waving atop smartly-colored tubs. What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is “cooking creme”? I first saw an ad for cooking creme while I was on the elliptical machine at the gym, and I almost lost my stride trying to figure out what this new “creme” was.
Mar 21, 2011
What Can I Do With the Liquid From Strained Yogurt?
Q: I have been making my own yogurt for a while now and love it. I recently have been straining the finished yogurt through a cheesecloth for an extra thick finish. Now I have all this wonderful whey as a side product.What can I do with it? I have heard of soaking grains in it, but I’m gluten-free. I have also used it for lacto-fermentation, but it’s winter and don’t have fresh veggies available. What are some other uses?
Mar 7, 2011
Tip: For Perfect Whipped Cream, Use a Food Processor
Thanks to a tip from the LA Times Test Kitchen, we just learned the best way to make perfectly light yet long-lasting whipped cream in under five minutes, with no bowl-chilling required. The secret is using a food processor or small food chopper. Have you ever tried this? Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter says it produces a texture “superior to any other” and we would have to agree.
Feb 9, 2011
What’s the Cheese Used in Authentic Mexican Cooking?
Q: About a year and a half ago we moved to a different state, and had to leave behind our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. I have been working to recreate these dishes at home, but I can’t figure out the cheese they use. It is a white, shredded cheese that has a very salty flavor. It is about the consistency of mozzarella, but has a much stronger flavor.Is anyone familiar with what this might be?
Feb 3, 2011
What Can I Do With Camembert Cheese?
Q: What can I make with Camembert that doesn’t amount to Baked Cheese? I keep getting a wheel of it weekly from my CSA and there are only so many panini a girl can eat.I’ve heard this cheese needs to be used pretty quickly. Help! Sent by HeidiEditor: Heidi, oh yum! Camembert is delicious with just a hunk of bread and jam, too. But yes, if you’re getting a wheel every week that’s a lot of cheese and bread!
Jan 24, 2011
How To Cleanly Slice Soft Goat Cheese
Yesterday we shared some ideas for marinated goat cheeseSlicing through soft, creamy goat cheese can get rather messy. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but when your presentation requires a clean cut, all you need is a piece of dental floss. Wrap the floss around your fingers, hold it taught, and pull it downward through the cheese. Ta-da! We do, of course, suggest using unflavored floss unless you like your chèvre with a hint of mint.
Jul 16, 2010
Kitchen Hack: Make Whipped Cream in a French Press
A couple weeks ago we posted this reader question on alternate uses for a French pressI get a little tired of pulling out (and cleaning) my big mixer when I just need a bit of whipped cream to top a dessert. Sometimes I just whip it by hand with a whisk, but I was intrigued by the idea of using a French press. I have an extra French press, and it can go straight in the dishwasher, so I thought, hey! Let’s give it a try.
Jun 2, 2010
Personal Twists: How to Make Flavored Milk or Cream
Infusing flavor into cream or whole milk is one of the easiest ways to get a little extra flavor into a cake, custard, or any other dessert that uses even a little dairy. Want a note of cinnamon in your cupcakes? Or lavender in your crème brûlée? Here’s how!Extracts and dry spices can obviously be used to add flavor as well, but dairy has a few other advantages. Dairy picks up flavors exceedingly well, making them somehow smoother and more subtle.
Apr 26, 2010
Scalding Milk: Is It Really Necessary?
Every so often, we come across a recipe that asks us to scald the milk before adding it to whatever custard or bread recipe we happen to be making. This always seems like an annoying extra step without an obvious function in the recipe, so we started wondering: is it really necessary?
Mar 29, 2010
Why Milk Boils Over…And How to Stop It!
It’s happened to all of us at least once. We’re heating milk for a sauce, or oatmeal, or any number of things, but there are just a few bubbles around the edge. We turn away for just a minute to do something else, and the next thing we know, there’s steamy, sputtering milk cascading over our stove top. What gives?!Here’s what’s happening in that little pot:As milk heats, the water in its structure starts evaporating from the surface.
Nov 4, 2009
Make Queso Fresco! The Cheesemonger
It’s easier than you think. Promise. Like most cheese, all it takes is 3 ingredients: Milk, an acid — in this case, white vinegar — and salt. Ready, set….…WAIT. What is queso fresco? I’ve talked about it before in greater detail, but it’s basically exactly what it means in Spanish: “fresh cheese.” Pretty vague, yes, but as you’ll discover in its recipe, it doesn’t get any fresher than this.
Oct 21, 2009
New Favorite Cheese for Summer: Forme di Formaggio
We had plans to make a big batch of pasta salad for weekday lunches, but we’ve been getting tired of our old cheese standbys. We wanted something new for summer. Something fresh, light, and mild. The woman at our favorite cheese shop recommended this forme di formaggio, and we’re glad she did!Forme di formaggio is a kind of fresh milk Italian cheese made simply by separating the curds and whey.
Jun 26, 2009
Food Science: Why Lemon Makes Milk Curdle
When we first got curious about this question after making Jamie Oliver’s chicken-in-milk recipe, we had no idea how complicated the answer would turn out to be. It definitely requires a trip back to high school chemistry, so put on your lab goggles and bear with us while we figure this one out!The first thing to realize is that milk is actually made up of a lot of different components, the main ones being protein, fat, and water.
Jun 23, 2009
Good Question: What Can I Do With Whey from Yogurt?
Here’s a great question from Hannah. Can you help her? I made yogurt for the first time ever as a result of your linking to the article about whether it’s cheaper to make or buy certain foods. The yogurt is unbelievable, and will be a regular project! However, I have a pint of whey that I’m not sure what to do with. I know I can bake with it, but between myself and my husband there’s only so many muffins/biscuits etc we can eat.
May 11, 2009
How To Make a Butter Lamb for Easter
Take a look at this butter lamb, sent to us by reader Ron. A butter lamb on the Easter table is an old Polish Catholic tradition. Usually people make a butter lamb using a mold, but Ron says that this is the older, more traditional way to do it — no mold required.Ron says he wants to keep the old traditions alive, and to inspire people to start a new (to them) tradition of trying a butter lamb for Easter. He also has an entire spread of traditional Polish Easter recipes!
Apr 7, 2009
Basic Techniques: How to Brown Butter
Brown butter is one of those magical secret ingredients that just seems to enhance the flavor of just about anything – sweet or savory. It has a rich nutty taste and the aroma is out of this world. Even better, it’s a snap to make…To make brown butter (also called beurre noisette), simply start melting butter over medium heat. Use a pan with a light-colored bottom so you can keep track of the color. Swirl the pan occasionally to be sure the butter is cooking evenly.
Feb 20, 2009
Quick Tip: Flavor Soups with Cheese Rinds
We go through a healthy amount of Parmesan and Pecorino cheese in our house, and we used to just throw the rind away. This was until we discovered this trick used by chefs and Italian grandmothers for centuries!When your soup or sauce is ready to simmer, throw in an old cheese rind. The rind will soften and the flavors of the cheese will infuse throughout the dish.
Nov 10, 2008
About the Cream at the Top of Non-Homogenized Milk
Last week in our post about Straus Family Creamery, a reader commented: ok, i recently purchased the straus milk and was wondering what you’re suppose to do with the cream top? do you put it over something, throw it out or leave it in there? When milk is not homogenized, the cream in it rises to the top. This is a natural occurrence, and was more common in the old days.
Sep 24, 2008