Smash Your Broccoli for the Crispiest, Most Flavorful Side DishSkills
Like with potatoes, broccoli is particularly delicious when smashed and roasted to perfection.
What’s the Difference Between Broccoli, Broccolini, Broccoli Rabe, and Chinese Broccoli?Skills
Despite their similar names, what sets these winter veggies apart is the plant family they belong to.
8 Ways I Turn Broccoli Slaw Into Quick Healthy MealsSkills
It was a couple of years ago that I first heard about bagged broccoli slaw. I was paging through a new cookbook and came across a recipe that I wanted to make; it called for bagged broccoli slaw and I actually didn’t know what it even was. I had to Google it to learn it’s a package of grated broccoli stems, carrots, and sometimes cabbage.
Broccoli: The Best Ways to Store It, Cook It, and Eat It
31 Days of Vegetables
All the broccoli basics for your favorite lil tree.
You're Probably Missing Out on the Best Part of BroccoliSkills
If you're throwing away the stems, you're doing it wrong.
If You Love Cauliflower Rice, You Should Try Riced BroccoliSkills
If cruciferous veggies hold a special place in your heart, and you have a real thing for those versatile, tender “grains” of riced cauliflower, there’s another ingredient you need on your radar: riced broccoli! Like its cauliflower counterpart, riced broccoli isn’t going to fool you as a stand-in for rice.
Conscientious Cook: Good Uses for Broccoli StalksSkills
We’ll confess to throwing broccoli stalks in the garbage can every now and then. The florets are so appealing, and the stalks take longer to cook. (Excuses, excuses, we know.) Many of you make a habit of eating them, which is great, and we’re coming around. In fact, we threw some in a frittata last night. Get more ideas, below… Beyond the fact that we’d like to waste less food, broccoli stalks are delicious and healthy.
Broccoli: The New BreadcrumbsSkills
A new year means new goals. And for many people that includes changing food habits, cutting down on junk, and eating better. Sounds good. In theory. But resolutions around diets tend to be tedious and limiting, and are about as exciting as a bowl of wilted Brussels sprouts. And who really wants to kick off 2014 with a list of should nots and cannots? What if this year, instead of making a resolution to eat more healthfully, we make a promise to cook more playfully?
5 Ways Frozen Broccoli Helps Me Eat a Better BreakfastSkills
My number-one rule for eating better is changing the way I eat breakfast, and usually that means eating more than toast. Lately, a bag of frozen broccoli has been my accomplice in helping me start the day with vegetables so that no matter where the day leads, I’m guaranteed to have started with something green. Here’s how I use this freezer staple to eat a better breakfast. One of my favorite ways to use frozen broccoli for breakfast is to sauté it and add it to toast.
May 1, 2019
A Slow-Cooker Dip That Tastes Like Broccoli Cheese SoupSkills
Inspired by one of our favorite soups, we’re breaking out the slow cooker for a warm, creamy, veggie-flecked cheese dip that will get your crowd cheering. This riff replicates the satisfying indulgence of broccoli cheddar soup, with a warm dip that relies on your slow cooker and the convenience of the freezer aisle. All you need is some thawed, frozen chopped broccoli to pull it off. Set your slow cooker to warm and add about 2 cups of cheese dip (homemade or store-bought) to the bowl.
May 1, 2019
7 Smart & Easy Ways to Eat Frozen BroccoliSkills
If you don’t already have a bag or two of frozen broccoli in your freezer, add it to your grocery list immediately. We’re huge fans of the stuff here at Kitchn — not only for its affordability and ease (forget about chopping down a big head of fresh broccoli!), but also for its versatility. Here are seven ways we love to use it. Add a little green to your breakfast by throwing frozen broccoli into your scrambled egg routine.
May 1, 2019
Hack Instant Ramen with Curried Broccoli SlawSkills
With bagged broccoli slaw and a spoonful of red curry paste, you’re two ingredients away from totally transforming instant ramen into a veggie-packed noodle soup with a warm curry flavor. Bagged broccoli slaw has proved its worth time and again with salads and stir-fries, and this quick noodle soup is yet another way to put it to work. Contrasting with the chewy noodles, thin strips of broccoli, carrots, and cabbage bring a fresh, crunchy bite to the soup.
Oct 11, 2016
10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Roasted BroccoliSkills
For weeknight dinners I’m all about super-simple sides. That usually translates to roasted veggies, with broccoli leading the pack. On its own, even the crowd-pleaser roasted broccoli can get a little boring and repetitive, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. The easiest way to switch things up? Change the seasoning. When I say seasoning, I’m not just talking about salt and pepper — this is deeper and way more flavorful.
Jun 2, 2016
10 Smart Ways to Use Frozen BroccoliSkills
Frozen vegetables are one of my secret weapons for quick and healthy meals. Broccoli has been in heavy rotation lately – we take a bag out of the freezer, and in a few minutes, it’s ready to be used in unexpected ways in all kinds of dishes. While there’s almost an endless amount of ways to use frozen vegetables, my go-to is usually as a side dish.
Oct 5, 2015
Are You Eating the Best Part of Broccoli?Skills
Broccoli has been sitting in the shadows of cauliflower for a while now. I’ve watched it happen, slowly, as cauliflower and its wonder recipes receive all the attention. Good ol’ green broccoli — the poster-child for all wonder-veggies — is full of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and protein. Let’s not cast it away as the dark meat of the brassica family; it’s one we should consider eating on a regular basis.
Jun 11, 2015
Tender & Sweet: BroccoliniSkills
Broccoli-haters take note. Broccoli-lovers, too. Broccolini may just be the great green equalizer.Broccolini is not baby broccoliThe flavor of broccolini is complex. It’s less bitter than broccoli with a sweetness that’s reminiscent of asparagus. It’s a robust flavor, both earthy and grassy. When cooked, the stems take on a pleasantly chewy texture while the florets become tender.
Feb 6, 2012