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The Best Way to Eat Citrus for Breakfast
As if like a balm to the drop in temperatures and endless snowy days, the winter season also ushers in a wave of glorious citrus. We love a good grapefruit just like everyone else, but from time to time we like to give citrus a sparkling upgrade for breakfast by poaching it and using it to top everything from waffles and pancakes to your bowl of oats. Perhaps you’ve poached other fruits, like pears, before.
May 1, 2019
5 Sticky-Sweet Ways to Eat Your Pancakes
Few things can beat easing into a winter day with a warm stack of fluffy pancakes. While maple syrup is the usual go-to pairing, it’s far from the only way to give your pancakes the sticky-sweet topping they deserve. If you believe your stack of pancakes deserves to be topped with sticky-sweet syrup, ditch the maple for an apple-flavored upgrade. Apple cider syrup is cooked down from your favorite seasonal drink and infused with warm cinnamon spice and butter.
May 1, 2019
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making French Toast
If a morning starts with French toast, you know it’s going to be a good day. The best is browned and crispy on the outside while incredibly custardy and rich on the inside. Really good French toast can seriously make you reconsider ever making pancakes and waffles again. So what are the secrets to achieving greatness? Here are five key things to watch out for. The heart and soul of French toast really is the bread — use something sub-par and the final result is going to be sub-par.
May 1, 2019
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Bloody Marys
There’s nothing quite like a tangy, spicy Bloody Mary to kick you into shape at brunch, whether you’re simply groggy-eyed or you sipped a few too many drinks the night before. A good one can work wonders but a bad once can be, well, just bad. Here’s exactly what you need to know to achieve success the next time you find yourself shaking up a few in the late-morning hour. A great Bloody Mary begins with great ingredients.
May 1, 2019
Turn a Hard-Boiled Egg into a Power Breakfast
Looking for a snack that fills you up and fuels you well? The humble hard-boiled egg is a small powerhouse of nutrition, but easily overlooked. We’re upgrading the boiled egg in 10 sexy, spicy, flavor-jammed ways for better snacking. If you have yet to get acquainted with savory oatmeal, a hard-boiled egg is the gateway ingredient that will make you fall in love with this satisfying start to the day.
May 1, 2019
What Exactly Are Quinoa Flakes?
You're going to love this gluten-free and quick-cooking alternative to oats.
May 1, 2019
10 Ways to Make a Better Grain Bowl
You’ve likely seen grain bowls in your favorite magazines, food blogs, and on trendy restaurant menus. They always look beautiful and taste so composed and interesting — the exact opposite of how they can come across in real life. So how do they do it? How is it that a dish that’s lauded for its supposed simplicity can seem so tough to pull off in reality? Grain bowls are a big part of my diet, but like anything, it’s really easy to fall into a rut.
May 1, 2019
Everything You Need to Know to Make a Better Batch of Oatmeal
Oatmeal is our go-to breakfast all year long, but especially on chilly winter mornings when we crave something warm and comforting. While it’s quite simple to cook, there’s more to making a really good bowl of oatmeal than stirring together the grains and water over heat. Here are our best tips and tricks to help you cook up a better batch of oatmeal. Before you get cooking, know the oats you’re working with.
May 1, 2019
Our Smartest Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for a Better Bowl of Oatmeal
It’s so easy to whip up a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. You can customize it to your liking, which means everyone has their own way of making it. Whether you’re a devotee of steel-cut oats or you always err on the side of savory, oatmeal style is a very personal thing. So in the spirit of personal preference, I present to you seven things I never do to my oatmeal. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe you too will find some extra oatmeal love in avoiding these things.
May 1, 2019
What’s the Difference Between Muesli and Granola?
If you’ve long been a fan of granola’s clusters and crunch, maybe it’s time to consider a similar-looking cereal on the block: muesli. So how does equally delicious muesli compare to your beloved granola? Here are the answers you’re looking for so you can navigate the cereal aisle at the grocery store with confidence.
May 1, 2019
5 Fresh Ways to Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs for Breakfast
You’re likely well-acquainted with the make-ahead, portable, peel-and-eat wonder that is the hard-boiled egg. It’s satisfying and convenient sprinkled with salt and eaten out of hand, but know this — it is capable of so much more. Hard-boiled eggs are a lot more versatile than you might be giving them credit for. Expand your breakfast horizons by starting with how you eat your hard-boiled eggs.
May 1, 2019
Do This Before Adding Sturdier Fruits and Veggies to Smoothies
Firm and sturdy fruits and vegetables, like carrots and beets, are one of the simplest ways to give your morning smoothie a colorful reboot — especially in the winter when they’re readily available and filled with sweet, earthy aromas that make your smoothie feel cheery. But instead of popping them straight into the blender, you’ll want to take a minute or two to tackle their texture.
May 1, 2019
A Vegan Trick for an Even Creamier Smoothie
Just as important as building layers of flavor in your smoothie is tackling the texture. There is a simple trick that every vegan knows for whipping up a thicker smoothie with a milkshake-like creaminess, and it’s hiding out in your pantry. The secret to a creamy, ultra-velvety smoothie is not found in the dairy aisle — it is right inside your pantry. Raw, unsalted cashews are a classic ingredient for whipping up thick and creamy smoothies every time.
May 1, 2019
10 Ways to Give Your Coffee a Shot of Flavor
There are plenty of sugars and sweeteners, and creamy dairy and non-dairy products to enhance our coffee. But those are far from the only way to boost the flavor of our morning brew. Whether black coffee is your beverage of choice or you prefer yours lighter or sweeter, there’s a way to up the flavor of coffee that’s just right for you. That coconut oil in your pantry is good for more than just cooking.
May 1, 2019
5 Alternatives to Coffee to Still Give You a Morning Jolt
For most of us, a jolt of energy in the morning is a necessity. While coffee tends to be the most popular choice, there are plenty of other drinks out there that give you that buzz — some via a caffeine kick, and others that give you energy in non-caffeinated ways. Here are five sips to try instead of that cup of joe. Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea.
May 1, 2019
5 Signs Your Salad Will Be Good for Breakfast
We’re of the persuasion that more veggies — at all times of the day — is a good thing, which means a veggie-based salad can make for a solid morning meal, especially if your palate is tired of yogurt and oatmeal. However, a bowl full of mesclun won’t keep you satisfied until noon — there are a few keys to getting the breakfast salad right. Here are five to keep in mind. Protein helps make the salad satisfying and can take many forms.
May 1, 2019
5 Ways Frozen Broccoli Helps Me Eat a Better Breakfast
My number-one rule for eating better is changing the way I eat breakfast, and usually that means eating more than toast. Lately, a bag of frozen broccoli has been my accomplice in helping me start the day with vegetables so that no matter where the day leads, I’m guaranteed to have started with something green. Here’s how I use this freezer staple to eat a better breakfast. One of my favorite ways to use frozen broccoli for breakfast is to sauté it and add it to toast.
May 1, 2019
Here’s How to Make a Big Batch of Fried Eggs at Once
I had long considered a fried egg the kind of breakfast (or lunch or dinner, to be honest) a delicacy that could dress up anything from a plate of hash to a simple salad and not the sort of thing you throw together for a crowd. But last year, one of our editors taught me a trick for cooking a big batch of fried eggs at once, turning this once solo dining luxury into a crowd-pleasing performance that does not even require a frying pan.
May 1, 2019
5 Tips for Turning Leftover Rice into Rice Pudding
What’s better than a big, comforting bowl of homemade rice pudding? Having that bowl in your lap in just about 20 minutes. And that’s absolutely possible if you start with leftover rice. Making a cheater’s rice pudding really can be a quick afterthought when you decide a little dessert would be nice after all.
May 1, 2019
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Baking Scones
When scones are at their best, they can be life-changing. Anything that delicate, buttery, and oh-so-flaky can make a transcendent moment out of the five minutes it takes for you to eat it. I know people who won’t touch scones, though, because all they’ve ever had were the dense, puck-like ones that are all too often found in cafes and coffee shops. Our recipe for buttery, tender scones is truly a revelation and will make a believer out of the most skeptical.
May 1, 2019
5 Non-Boring Ways to Eat Yogurt for Breakfast
Does yogurt go on your grocery list on autopilot? You don’t have specific plans for it, but you know it will at least get eaten with berries and granola. I’m guilty of this and find myself eating it with berries day after day until I’m bored to death. So I’m challenging myself to a better, non-boring week of breakfasts using that tub of yogurt. Here are a few ideas I’m going to try out. Take a look and see what inspires you too.
May 1, 2019
For Better Pancakes, Follow This One Simple Rule
Regardless of the recipe (of which there are many to choose from), and whether they’re thick or fluffy, a really good stack of pancakes comes with a signature golden-brown hue. You know the color — not too pale, and definitely not so dark it’s nearly burnt. Getting there with every batch of pancakes is easy, as long as you remember this one simple rule. As with many things in life, including your Sunday pancakes, it is the little things that so often make the biggest impact.
May 1, 2019
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Oatmeal on the Stovetop
Oatmeal deserves all the praise it gets: It’s hearty, fiber-rich, wholesome, and ridiculously comforting when you wake up and really just want to stay in bed. While the porridge is incredible easy to make, there are a handful of things you can do each time you ready the oats and a saucepan to ensure your bowl will be at its very best. Here are five thing to keep in mind. There was a long period in my life when I just really could not get myself to like oatmeal.
May 1, 2019
Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs: Peach-Raspberry Smoothie
If you want to start your day with the sweet taste of summer all year long, these frozen peach-raspberry smoothie kits are always a good place to start. Sunny stone fruit and jewel-toned berries are partnered with a surprising ingredient (hint: it’s a vegetable) for a subtly sweet smoothie with an extra-creamy texture. This kit comes together with peaches, raspberries, and cauliflower, plus a liquid of your choice when it’s time to blend. Here’s what you’ll need.
May 1, 2019
Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs: PB&J Smoothie
Reminiscent of the childhood classic we all love, this creamy smoothie treats you to the fruity, nutty flavors that make the PB&J such an enduring favorite. Each smoothie pack is filled with cherries and strawberries for sweet, jammy flavor, plus sliced banana for extra creaminess. We’re adding the peanut butter to the bag to keep it classic, but why not go a little off course with almond or cashew butter for a cool smoothie that will not disappoint?
May 1, 2019
This Is How Long Overnight Oats Will Last in the Fridge
Overnight oats just may be the superstar of the make-ahead breakfast world. Not only do they require no cooking whatsoever, but they are also adaptable, wholesome, and satisfying. Start stirring up a handful of Mason jars of them at the start of each week and you’re guaranteed to make a habit of it. How many jars can you actually make on Sunday night, though? If you make enough to get you through all five days of the work week, will they actually stay good until Friday?
May 1, 2019
7 Tips for a Better Batch of Pancakes Every Time
My mom made a batch of pancakes for us nearly every Sunday when I was growing up. She used a box mix when she made hers, but I love the tradition so much that I continue it with my own children now. If you estimate that I’ve been making pancakes once a week since my almost 6-year-old started solids, then I’ve made 286 batches of pancakes in the last five years alone. There’s a lot to be learned from that kind of repetition.
May 1, 2019
The Best Way to Freeze and Reheat Pancakes
Saturday pancakes do double duty in my house. Their first job is to fill our bellies on Saturday morning, between cartoons and snuggles, but the leftover pancakes have a second life as a quick weekday breakfast during the week. When a double or triple batch of pancakes yields an abundance of extra flapjacks, this is how we prep them for freezing and then reheat them as needed. Start with your favorite pancake recipe and make sure the pancakes are fully cooked and cooled before freezing.
May 1, 2019
Yes, You Should Be Putting Eggs on Your Pizza
The first time I discovered eggs on pizza was years ago at this hip pizza spot in New York City, within the first few months of moving to the city. My friend and I scratched our heads about it the first time we saw it on the menu, considered it the second time we went, and then finally gave it a shot on our third visit. Now it’s one of my favorite things to order when I am there.
May 1, 2019
Memorize This to Make a Frittata Without a Recipe
Frittatas are in heavy rotation in my household. They are a breakfast-for-dinner staple easy to enough to pull off when I don’t want to cook, and a weekend morning go-to. What I love most about frittatas is that I never follow a recipe when I make them — and you don’t need to either. Instead, all you really need is a template and some inspiration. Once you have the essential technique down, the possibilities are endless.
May 1, 2019
My Trick for Always Having Homemade Breakfast in the Freezer
While I am a self-proclaimed morning person, I am not immune to the frenzied morning rush that happens on weekdays. If it wasn’t for my freezer, I’m not quite sure how I’d manage a breakfast that’s both totally satisfying and simple as can be. I make a point to stock my freezer not just with meals for extra-busy nights, but also nourishing breakfast options. Here’s my simple trick for making it happen. It’s time to add batch cooking to your meal prep routine.
May 1, 2019
3 Tips for Better Hash Browns We Learned from Waffle House
The thing I miss most about living in the South (besides the people) is a Waffle House on every corner. These cheery yellow diners are open 24 hours and serve breakfast, burgers, and hash brown plates that will fill you up for just a few bucks. They are a refuge for late-night partiers and exhausted parents alike. Waffle House, despite its name, is most famous for their crispy, diner-style hash browns. You know the ones: shredded ultra-tender potatoes with a shatteringly crisp exterior.
May 1, 2019
5 Ways to Make a Week of Better Breakfasts
A week of better breakfasts promises days that start with ease (not chaos), and food that fuels us, whether we eat at home or on the run. A better breakfast, in our book, is one you can cook once and eat all week without getting bored, and is nourishing, convenient, and, of course, flavorful. May we introduce you to our new favorite strategy? The 1×5 breakfast.
May 1, 2019
The Whole30 Recipe That I Still Make Every Single Sunday
One of the things I took away from trying the Whole30 diet a few years ago was the importance of breakfast — specifically eggs. I was constantly searching for easy, make-ahead egg recipes for the busy mornings when there just wasn’t enough time to make breakfast from scratch. Although I’m not on Whole30 anymore, there are a few recipes that I still make from that time on a regular basis.
May 1, 2019
The 8 Essential Methods for Cooking Eggs (All in One Place)
Mastering the essential ways to cook an egg will serve you well time and time again. On mornings (or evenings) when you don’t feel like digging up a recipe, knowing how to poach, scramble, soft-boil, and more means you can whip up a meal in next to no time at all. Spend a few weeks trying them all — you might just discover you have a new favorite way to prepare your eggs. Comforting and kid-friendly, a soft scramble is there for you when you need a warm and familiar meal.
May 1, 2019
The Only Thing You Have to Remember for the Best-Ever Frittata
Frittatas are meant to be scrappy — filled with odds and ends from your produce and cheese drawers. They’re a great way to practice cooking with your gut and all five senses, using your eyes and ears and nose and touch and taste to determine when the veggies are cooked, the eggs are set, and so forth. So the next time you make one, I encourage you to ditch the recipe (or, use it solely as a point of inspiration), and just remember this one simple rule instead.
Apr 30, 2019
This Is the Cleverest Way to Eat a Leftover Frittata
The merits of a simple frittata are many, including the fact that it makes ideal leftovers! Not only can this baked egg skillet be cooked up with whatever veggies, cheese, or meat you have handy, but you can also count on it to hold up quite well in the fridge for days. You could eat the leftovers as is, but I have a much, much better idea for you! Even if you have just a small slice, this is the most ingenious way to eat a leftover frittata.
Mar 9, 2018
7 Things I Never Do When Making Pancakes
Pancakes are a weekly ritual at my house, so I have very strong opinions about how pancakes are made. These opinions often get directed toward my kids or husband when they try to help mix, fry, or flip a batch of pancakes. This pancake practice has given me a sense of authority on the virtues and pitfalls of hot-cake commandments, so here are the seven things I never, ever do to my pancakes. You’ve got to start pancakes with serving in mind, because cold pancakes won’t do.
Dec 8, 2017
Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs: Mango-Orange Smoothie
If you are as excited about the imminent return of citrus season as I am, you’re going to want to stock up and keep these bright smoothie packs on repeat for as long as possible. Sweet orange segments are paired with tropical mango for a big punch of vitamin C, plus banana for a cool, creamy finish. This kit comes together with a trio of fruit, a hit of greens, plus a liquid of your choice when it’s time to blend. Here’s what you’ll need.
Sep 27, 2017
A Hearty Fruit Salad Is What You Should Eat Instead of a Smoothie Bowl
Regardless of whether you love a smoothie bowl or think that this tasty trend should end Think of this as a grain bowl meets fruit salad, with enough whole grains and fresh fruit to keep you full until lunch and a punchy vinaigrette gilding the whole thing. Not only are these bowls easier to eat than a smoothie bowl, they can also be prepared in advance, making them easier to take on the go or to eat at your desk.
Jan 18, 2017
Say No to Mug Cakes, but Yes to Mug Omelets
There is something supremely comforting about eating food from a mug. And when it can be cooked in the very same mug, it has the potential to feel like a tiny victory. The internet surely thinks so — mug food, like cakes and omelets, have been buzzing for years. This year I let curiosity get the best of me and entered the Pinterest-loving world of mug cakes and mug omelets. I approached it with an open heart, an open mind, and a heavy dose of skepticism.
Jan 11, 2017
7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet
The free breakfast buffet is one of the purest pleasures of the hotel experience. This is not necessarily because it is unusually good, in any common definition of the word. While there are exceptions — I have experienced exceptions! — the breakfast buffet at a mid-range hotel is almost certainly some degree of mediocre. The bagels will not be the best possible bagels; the fruit is unlikely to be the best possible fruit.
Jan 11, 2017
Danger! This Is How You Should Cut Your Morning Bagel.
A few years ago I learned a disturbing fact about bagels: In 2008, 1,979 people went to the emergency room due to a BRI (bagel-related injury), according to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently chicken-related injuries were more common (with 3,463 visits), but this stat still really messed with my head. All those people had their mornings ruined because they lost the battle against their everything bagel. Maybe make everything bagel bread instead?
Jan 11, 2017
The 3-Step Method for Easier-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs
Every Sunday I make a batch of hard-boiled eggs and stash them in the fridge to turn into quick breakfasts, lunches, and snacks throughout the week. Cooking the eggs is no problem, but peeling them can be a tedious chore. Over the years, I found that three factors make an egg easier to peel: the age of the eggs, the cooking method, and the cooling method. Here are my steps for easier-to-peel hard-boiled eggs. “What do my egg choices have to do with easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs?
Jan 6, 2017
The Best Way to Keep Pancakes and Waffles Warm
Arguably the trickiest part of making big-batch breakfasts of pancakes and waffles is delivering everything to the table at the same time, still warm and just as good as it is right off the griddle. But it’s totally possible, and actually pretty easy to pull off when you’ve got this strategy up your sleeve. To keep waffles and pancakes in pristine condition before the whole lot of them are ready to head to the table, you’ll need a baking sheet, a cooling rack, and a warm oven.
Nov 29, 2016
10 Easy Ways to Upgrade Basic Muffins
You know what we love most about plain ol’ basic muffin mix? It is a blank canvas ready and willing to take on just about any variation you can imagine. All it takes is a little inspiration and a couple ingredients that you probably have in the kitchen right now. From sweet and savory, to creamy and crunchy, here are 10 simple mix-ins to instantly upgrade muffin mix. This can be your favorite box mix, or very easy homemade muffins (really, you can learn them by heart!).
Nov 12, 2016
4 Unexpected Meals You Can Bake in a Bundt Pan
If you have a Bundt cake pan that gathers dust in the back of the kitchen cabinet, pull this decorative pan out and use it in your everyday cooking. Remember, it’s still essentially a baking pan, so you can use it for way more than dessert and chocolate cake. Here are four savory ways to bake with a Bundt pan. I admit that I used to have an obsession with Bundt cake pans. At one point, I owned a standard pan, a castle pan, a rose pan, and a fleur-de-lis pan. Why all the pans?
Oct 27, 2016
Your Oatmeal Requires a Tea Bag
Mornings are about efficiency. How can you quickly get out the door while still managing a healthy breakfast and a caffeine kick? Here’s your answer: Cook your oatmeal in tea. You’re not only getting a buzz from your breakfast bowl, but it’s also creamy, spicy, and delicious! The concept is simple. While you usually cook your oats in a simmering pot of water, cook them in a simmering pot of tea instead.
Oct 24, 2016
11 Clever Ways to Turn Plain Cream Cheese into a Flavored Schmear
Plain cream cheese is delicious, but why not get a little creative with your morning bagel? Here we have 11 ways to start with plain cream cheese and turn it into a schmear to make your fancy bagel shop jealous. We’re not just talking about run-of-the-mill cream cheese flavors like scallion or strawberry — these 11 unique mix-ins start with pumpkin, progress to pickle, and close with chocolate. These are schmears to kvell over.
Sep 30, 2016
10 Fun Ways to Top a Frozen Waffle
You’ve got to love a freezer waffle — they’re convenient when you want to switch from the toast or bagel routine, and are neutral enough in flavor to host a variety of toppings. Once you’ve found the right brand for your tastes, it’s time to explore all the ways to enjoy them beyond the standard swipe of butter and jam or drizzle of maple syrup. These 10 ideas use frozen waffles as a blank canvas for breakfast (and beyond).
Sep 29, 2016
10 Leftovers to Save for Tomorrow’s Breakfast Sandwich
A well-made breakfast sandwich can change the direction of your day. Woke up tired and grumpy? You need a hearty breakfast sandwich. A little too much fun over the weekend? Try a veggie-loaded breakfast sandwich. If you think that a breakfast sandwich can only be constructed from bacon, egg, and cheese, then you have forgotten that the only limit to your breakfast sandwich enjoyment is your imagination. Here are 10 leftovers better the next day as a life-altering breakfast sandwich.
Sep 14, 2016
The Most Important Rule for Making Egg Casserole in the Slow Cooker
Egg casseroles made in the slow cooker are something of a breakfast miracle. With a short ingredient list, little work, and cooking that happens while you sleep, this miracle meal offers a big reward for minimal input — as long as you follow this one important rule. The key to a great egg casserole doesn’t involve fancy ingredients or adding extra steps to the prep work.
Sep 13, 2016
5 Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches to Stock Your Freezer
Make-ahead breakfast sandwiches are the ultimate morning miracle — the gift that keeps on giving. The magic behind these sandwiches is big-batch cooking. With upfront planning and prep, they reward you with a hot, satisfying breakfast for days to come. Staple ingredients like condiments and spreads have the power to boost the flavor of breakfast sandwiches in a big way.
Sep 11, 2016
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Eggs in the Pressure Cooker
For anyone who’s a fan of soft- and hard-cooked eggs, the pressure cooker just might turn out to be your very best friend. Cooking a big batch of eggs in the pressure cooker takes a fraction of the time that it would on the stovetop, and, best of all, pressure-cooker eggs are so easy to peel — the shell practically falls off. It sounds like a dream, and as long as you don’t make these mistakes, it can also be your reality.
Sep 9, 2016
The Breakfast Boat Is the Smarter, Better Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast sandwiches can be stacked between a split roll or biscuit, stuffed into a pita, rolled into a burrito, even folded into a tidy closed quesadilla pocket, but as I recently learned, there’s one sandwich we’ve been neglecting for far too long: the breakfast boat. The breakfast boat is an egg-filled breakfast sandwich baked directly into a hollowed-out demi-baguette.
Sep 9, 2016
You Made These 4 Things in Your Pressure Cooker — Now Use Them for Breakfast
An electric pressure cooker is the appliance you want on your side when meal planning isn’t really your thing. It’s my answer for making breakfast foods, fast. Instead of a single meal, I can turn these versatile breakfast items into several different meals. Here are a few of my favorites. Your pressure cooker is the quickest solution for a big batch of soft- or hard-cooked eggs, made just the way you like them.
Sep 8, 2016
3 Rules for Freezing and Reheating Breakfast Sandwiches
Prepping and freezing your own breakfast sandwiches is a morning game-changer, but knowing how to do it right is equally important. There are a few simple rules to follow to achieve freezer-friendly breakfast-sandwich success. Follow them and your rushed weekday mornings are bound to be better. When prepping breakfast sandwiches for the freezer, it’s important to wrap up each one individually.
Sep 8, 2016
3 Tips for Mastering Quick Breakfasts: Make Ahead to Get Ahead
We all know the joys of make-ahead meals, but they truly feel like magic when Monday morning rolls around. They’re the answer to a quick and ultra-satisfying weekday breakfast — like, one that tastes good and will actually carry you through lunchtime. All that can be yours when you keep these three key pointers in mind. When I put in the effort for make-ahead breakfasts, my number-one rule is to think big.
Sep 7, 2016
5 Times the Pressure Cooker Saved Monday Morning
Let’s be honest: More often than not, Monday mornings are rough. Perhaps more so on those days you wake up remembering there’s nothing prepared for breakfast. Stop and take a deep breath, because there’s hope and a quick solution — and it comes in the form of your pressure cooker. When time is of the essence, this helpful appliance has your back — big time.
Sep 5, 2016
Have You Ever Made “Grease Gravy”?
Q: My mother used to make what she called “grease gravy” to pour over waffles. I do not believe it had any flour, but was only sausage drippings, water, and maybe just a touch of cream. Are you aware of a recipe like that? Sent by Dan Editor: The recipe you describe immediately reminds me of a very classic Southern-style sausage gravy. Like your mother’s recipe, it’s also made from sausage pan drippings, but flour is often added to thicken it.
May 25, 2016
What Is Clotted Cream?
If you’ve ever had the chance to enjoy afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or tea room, you may have been lucky enough to be served clotted cream. Piled high on scones along with jam, it’s so decadent that it’s practically dessert. But what exactly is it? Clotted cream originated in the counties of Devon and Cornwall in southwest England. It’s made by indirectly heating full-fat cow’s milk in shallow pans over steam or a water bath.
May 2, 2016
5 Maple Syrup Twists to Take Your Pancakes on a Breakfast Adventure
Pancakes, waffles, and French toast are all great, but these breakfast basics are really just a vessel for us to eat more maple syrup, right? While unflavored maple syrup is a delight in its own right, every now and then it can be a real treat to dress it up. Flavoring maple syrup is a fun way to make breakfast an adventure. Here are five delicious ways to do it.
Apr 26, 2016
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Frittatas
Frittatas are one of the most versatile dishes. Suitable from breakfast through dinner, they can be made right before mealtime or well in advance. They’re delicious hot or cold and also the ideal canvas for all those end-of-week veggies. While a fluffy frittata isn’t terribly difficult to pull together, there are a couple missteps that could prevent this one-pan meal from reaching its potential. Here’s what you need to know to make sure that isn’t the case.
Apr 13, 2016
Make Thick, Fluffy, Diner-Style Pancakes with This Simple Tip
There are numerous ways to make a pancake. You just have to know what you’re after so you can pick the right recipe. Looking for fluffy and airy? Our lofty buttermilk pancakes are the model example of great lift. Craving something earthy and malty? Stone-ground flour delivers a nutty, sweet flavor. But what about the dense and tender pancakes you find at your favorite diner? Yeah, we’re into those too.
Apr 12, 2016
5 Rules for a Better Smoothie Bowl
There’s something about eating food from a bowl that just makes it even more appealing, and smoothies are no exception. They’re certainly delicious in a tall glass, but pour a smoothie in a bowl and add all the toppings and you’ve got something really special to sink a spoon into. The very best smoothie bowls are thick and frosty; you don’t want to end up with a bowl of thin smoothie soup.
Apr 4, 2016
3 Ways to Microwave Eggs for Breakfast
If you thought you didn’t have time to make eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning, think again. These three egg dishes will prove otherwise. With the help of the microwave, you’ll go from prep to eating in under 10 minutes. Eggs are a quick-cooking ingredient, and when you add a microwave into the equation, it’s even speedier. Regardless of the preparation, it takes just two to three minutes to cook a couple eggs in the microwave.
Mar 7, 2016
Got Leftover Rice? Waffle it!
I don’t know about you, but if there was a competition for most-used appliance in my kitchen, my waffle iron would easily come in last place. In fact, it wouldn’t even be a competition at all — one look at the dust collecting on it and all bets are off. The good news for waffle irons around the world is that there are people who are much more clever than I am and have found ways to lift the waffle iron out of its single-use appliance stigma.
Feb 19, 2016
The 10 Pancake Commandments
Here we are on Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day), a high holy day for those devoted to pancakes. I’ve got more than four decades of dedication to the griddle under my belt, so I’m sharing my 10 Pancake Commandments to help steer you to some of the best pancakes on the planet. Along the way you might find deep satisfaction. Knowing how to make a quick, hot meal like pancakes is very rewarding.
Feb 9, 2016
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Poached Eggs
Poached eggs seem really tricky and fussy to make, but they’re not at all. You can put away the egg rings — they’re totally not necessary here. As long as you avoid these five mistakes, you’ll end up with perfect poached eggs every time. When it comes to making poached eggs, age matters. As eggs age, the whites change and become more fluid. If you use older eggs, you’re more likely to see those ghost-like wispies in the water when poaching eggs.
Nov 30, 2015
Will a Hotter Oven Give You More Magnificent Muffin Tops?
No matter what type of muffin I’m eating — pumpkin, banana-nut, corn, blueberry — the very best part is the rounded muffin top. The taller, the better. There’s no difference in taste, and the base of the muffin is just fine, but the top is definitely the best part. And there’s the sweet sense of satisfaction that comes with plucking off the muffin top before moving on to the bottom of the muffin.
Nov 10, 2015
Have We Been Buttering Our Toast All Wrong?
We may have been making one of the easiest breakfasts in the world the wrong way all these years. Raquel Pelzel, author of the new book Toast, recommends buttering your bread before you put it in the toaster. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But the more you consider pre-buttering your toast, the more it starts to make sense.
Nov 10, 2015