Why I Only Use Sourdough Bread When Making French Toast CasseroleSkills
Brioche is great, but not when I'm cooking for a crowd.
What Are the Most Commonly-Used Casserole Dish Sizes?Skills
Q: A lot of my favorite casserole recipes call for all sorts of dish sizes. Any thoughts on how to modify the recipe or what to do with the leftover that you can’t fit in a pan that’s too small?I’d love to be able to fit a dozen shapes and sizes into my apartment kitchen, but space doesn’t allow. In that vein, any suggestions as to which two sizes are the most used?Sent by cfelliniEditor: cfellini asked this in the comment thread on this casserole recipe.
How To Make a Pasta Casserole Out of Thin Air, Leftovers, and LoveSkills
In cooking there are few dishes that lend themselves to what cooks wistfully wish after, which is cooking without a recipe. The romantic cook in us all wishes to cook like a grandma or a trained chef — by sense and feel and grasping after a taste you know you can achieve through instinct alone. But cooking like that doesn’t come out of thin air.
A Smart, Simple Tip for Better Mac & CheeseSkills
How would you like to give your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe a super-creamy boost? Well, there’s an easy way to make it happen. And in case you were wondering, it does not involve adding extra cheese. It’s a simple trick — maybe you’ve already tried it? Aside from the cheese, a crucial component of really good macaroni and cheese is the pasta — and it’s time to rethink how you’ve been cooking it. Instead of water, cook your pasta in milk!
Leftover Pasta? Make a Frittata!Skills
The next time you find yourself with a neglected cup of macaroni or that last serving of spaghetti that no one seems to want, promise me you’ll try this. I’ve been making pasta frittatas ever since another Kitchn writer mentioned it years ago, and it is hands-down my favorite way to use up leftover pasta — along with whatever else is hanging around in the fridge. You make this frittata just like any other.
Help! Why Is My Mac and Cheese Oily Instead of Creamy?Skills
Q: I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mac and cheese recipe and have tried 5 different recipes, but I keep running into the same problems: the cheese separates, the dish is too oily, and there is no creamy texture. Most recipes I’ve tried use a roux-based cheese sauce. Is that the issue?Is there a fail proof recipe out there?
Broccoli: The New BreadcrumbsSkills
A new year means new goals. And for many people that includes changing food habits, cutting down on junk, and eating better. Sounds good. In theory. But resolutions around diets tend to be tedious and limiting, and are about as exciting as a bowl of wilted Brussels sprouts. And who really wants to kick off 2014 with a list of should nots and cannots? What if this year, instead of making a resolution to eat more healthfully, we make a promise to cook more playfully?
5 Ways to Make Any Casserole Taste Like SummerSkills
Casseroles are truly comforting, but don’t be fooled — this warm and hearty baked dish is not just reserved for warming up on cold winter nights. Here are five easy ways to make any casserole taste like summer. Go beyond the seasonal ingredients that are around for the whole summer and hone in on the ones that are here and gone almost in the blink of an eye. Fill your casserole with hyper-seasonal ingredients, like hatch green chiles or heirloom tomatoes.
5 Tips for Mastering the Slow Cooker Egg CasseroleSkills
The slow cooker egg casserole might just be the very best breakfast to ever make its way into your kitchen. Whether you cut it up and turn it into a breakfast sandwich or spoon it onto a plate, there’s a lot to love about a hot and satisfying meal that cooks while you sleep. Ready to master the slow cooker egg casserole? These are the five tips that will get you there. Before adding any ingredients to the bowl of the slow cooker, remember to coat it with non-stick cooking spray first.
May 1, 2019
5 Slow-Cooker Breakfast Kits to Make and FreezeSkills
These are the kits you prep and package now to save time later. The real beauty of these slow-cooker breakfast kits is their versatility. With a standard template, it’s easy to mix and match ingredients to make your favorite variation. There’s no set recipe, but rather a basic template to help you bring these kits together. The template calls for standard components, not including the eggs, which get added fresh when you’re ready to cook.
May 1, 2019
8 Ways to Eat a Loaf of Bread for DinnerSkills
Remember when everyone could eat bread? With more and more people avoiding gluten, bread has become a guilty pleasure at the dinner table, even for those of us who can tolerate it just fine. My deepest sympathies to those with gluten intolerance, who may want to look away while I take a moment to appreciate warm, soft, chewy, crusty, wonderful bread and all the ways you can turn a day-old loaf of it into a full meal.
Mar 22, 2013
Can I Make Mac & Cheese Ahead of Time and Bake Later?Skills
Q: Can macaroni and cheese be made a day ahead, refrigerated and then baked before use?Sent by RuthEditor: Ruth, yes, absolutely. In fact, it can even be frozen at this point. (When ready to use, thaw and bake.)Readers, any specific advice for making mac and cheese ahead?Next question?
Aug 23, 2011
Halving Casseroles: Tips for Reducing the Size of a RecipeSkills
Casserole recipes are usually sized for a crowd. They are often designed to feed 6, 8, maybe even 10 people! But if you’re just cooking for one or two, that’s too much. The good news is that most casseroles are extremely easy to size down. Here are a couple of tips and guidelines for taking any one of the recipes we’ve posted during Casserole Week and adjusting it to a half-batch size.
Jan 28, 2011
Simple Tip: Let Your Casseroles RestSkills
A casserole is a great low-maintenance, hands-off dish to make for a dinner party; you can finish the side or salad while it’s cooking and still have time to sip a cocktail with your friends. But when you’re thinking about the timing of the meal, add on at least 10 minutes for the casserole to sit when it comes out of the oven. It’s just like resting meat.This is especially important for casseroles that have a decent amount of liquid or gooey cheese in them.
Jan 25, 2011