The 3 Best Cuts of Beef for Tender Pot RoastSkills
Choosing the right cut can make or break the dish.
Word of Mouth: DoufeuSkills
Doufeu, noun – A cooking vessel with a concave lid to be filled with ice and promote condensation. French for “gentle heat.”As we get into braising and roasting season, we thought we’d take a look at this particular style of dutch oven. The concave lid is filled with ice to create condensation throughout the cooking process. Dimples on the underside of the lid are designed to distribute the moisture to the food.
Food Science: Why Tougher Meats Make Good BraisesSkills
We’ve often wondered why so many recipes for beef braises call for lean cuts of meat like bottom round or chuck and whether a more tender cut might work just as well or better. Since lean cuts also tend to be cheaper in the grocery store, are we just being thrifty? Or is there a reason why lean cuts make for better braises? As a steer is wandering around looking for tasty treats, the muscles in its legs, shoulders, and hips get the biggest workout — even in a feedlot.
We Tried 6 Popular Methods for Braising to Get the Most Tender Beef
Skills Showdown
Here's how to guarantee you’ll end up with the type of braise that makes you the hero of your family.
The Transformative Power of Braising Vegetables
Braising Week
The vegetable kingdom offers so much more diversity than the animal kingdom — and once you get the technique down, there's no end to what you can create.
Braising Is a Balm for the Burnt-Out CookSkills
This unforgiving year has robbed a lot of us of a lot of what makes us feel good. But to gather your people around a meal cooked in a single pot is a wintry pleasure that I will not be denied.
Our Mostly Frequently Asked Brisket Questions, Answered
Rosh Hashanah
We interviewed a chef and a grandmother to get a brisket walk-through.
A Filipino Restaurant Taught Me to Make a Braised Stew Even BetterSkills
At the Filipino restaurant Tito Rad’s Grill & Restaurant, I was taught how to make Kare Kare, a stew with oxtail braised in a peanut butter sauce. Sounds fairly delicious, right? Well, they also taught me a way to make it even better — at the last minute. During the last 10 minutes of the cooking process, a variety of vegetables like greens beans and halved baby bok choy are added to the mix and then steamed until tender, just about 10 minutes.
Raise Your Braising Cred: 10 Tips for Perfectly Cooked VegetablesSkills
When was the last time you eagerly scooped up a heaping second serving of cooked vegetables? If you can’t recall, you might be in a side dish rut. Put the steamer basket down, return the baking sheet to the cabinet, and whip out your biggest, trustiest lidded sauté pan. These tips will help you braise vegetables that are lightly caramelized on the outside, fork tender all the way through, and napped in a luxurious glaze. Slice bulbs and brassicas for maximum brownability.
May 2, 2019
Cooking School Day 18: BraiseSkills
Today’s Topic: Braising The Goal: 20 lessons, 20 days to become a better cook at home Enter to win The Kitchn Cookbook: Simply share and tag photos of your Kitchn Cooking School progress on Instagram and Twitter with #kitchnschool to enter for a chance to win. We’re giving away one copy for every homework assignment during The Kitchn’s Cooking School. See rules and regulations.
May 1, 2019
The Best Vegetables for BraisingSkills
Meat usually gets all the attention when discussing braising since it undergoes such dramatic changes during the process. Vegetables are often used to boost flavor while braising meat, but they can do more than play sidekick! Braised vegetables can be just as satisfying as meat, and they usually cook in a fraction of the time. Here’s a list of great vegetables for braising to spark some creative ideas for your next vegetable braise!
May 1, 2019
7 Ways to Add More Vegetables to Your Stew & ChiliSkills
When it comes to hearty winter stews and braises, meat tends to be the main ingredient of this warming meal, but that doesn’t mean you should discount vegetables. Not only do they complement and balance the meatiness of stews and chilis, but it’s a wonderful way to pack more (and more!) vegetables into your comfort food. Whether the recipe calls for it or not, every stew can use another serving of veggies. Here are seven vegetables you should be adding to stews and braises right now.
Jan 12, 2017
What’s the Difference Between a Stew and a Braise?Skills
This time of year it’s all about the long and slow cooking. When it comes to cuts of meat that require a little extra coaxing, both stewing and braising can make tougher cuts — like shanks, brisket, chunk, and round — tender enough to slice with your fork. We always knew they had a soft side. Vegetables, never to be left out of the party, benefit from braising and stewing as well.
Nov 13, 2015
Why Stew Meat Isn’t Actually the Best Choice for StewsSkills
You’re making a stew, so you pick up a package marked “stew meat” at the store — makes sense, right? Not so fast. There are a few good reasons you might want to put down that stew meat and pick up another cut instead. Packages of pre-cut stew meat are often assembled by the butcher or meat department from the odds and ends from other different cuts. While this might sound like a good thing — viva varieté!
Nov 9, 2015
Yes, You Can Cook Radishes! Here Are 5 Tasty WaysSkills
Radishes are so pretty and irresistible, coming in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. And while they’re usually eaten raw — dipped in good butter and flaky salt, or sliced thin onto salads — these jewel-toned vegetables can also be cooked like most other root vegetables. What happens when radishes get cooked? Their characteristic spicy bite mellows out, plus they turn nice and juicy. Here are five delicious ways to cook radishes — give them a try!
Jun 1, 2015
Braising Tough Meat: Why a Gelatinous Sauce Means Tender MeatSkills
When cooked properly, tough cuts of meat like beef shank and pork shoulder transform into fork-tender meat swimming in a rich braising sauce. How does this magic happen — and how long does it take to get there? America’s Test Kitchen ran some tests that make it clear why tough meat tastes best when its braising liquid is full of gelatin.
Nov 9, 2012
What Can I Do With Leftover Braising Liquid?Skills
Q: I made a delicious corned beef dinner in my crock pot to hold me through the hurricane, and now have a very nice rich, meaty broth left over. It seems so wasteful to throw this out. Do you have any ideas for making it into another meal?Sent by LouisaEditor: Louisa, I would simmer some root vegetables, cooked beans or chicken thighs in the liquid and serve it over polenta or rice to soak up all the yummy juices.Readers, any ideas for transforming leftover braising liquid into another meal?
Nov 5, 2012
Seasonal Spotlight: Braising GreensSkills
Mom always told you to eat your greens. In the cold, dark days of winter, the farmer’s markets are full of baskets of these thick, green leaves in various sizes, shapes, and shades of greens. Braising greens are a mix of greens that include kale, chard, collards, mustard, bok choy, raddichio, and turnip greens. They’re really great because you get several varieties of dark, leafy, chock-full-of-vitamins greens that are so versatile.
Jan 7, 2009
Word of Mouth: BraiseSkills
Braise [BRAYSE] v. To fry food then cook it slowly in liquid in a closed vessel. We’ve got braising on our minds around here, for reasons to be revealed shortly, so we went back to our Harold McGee to read up on all things braising. The word braise originated in the 18th century, coming from the French word for “live coals,” which were piled under and on top of a closed cooking pot.
Mar 19, 2007