Sip of Summer: Matcha Tea Lemonade

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I remember it like it was yesterday: I was standing in Whole Foods. “It’s cheap!” I said to my husband. “Go ahead and get half a bag full!” What I didn’t know then is that one bag of Matcha powder would end up lasting us an entire year. Maybe this recipe for Matcha Tea Lemonade, courtesy of Kelly from Inspired Edibles, will help us finally use it up!

Matcha, in case you don’t know, is made from finely milled green tea leaves, and it’s considered one of the highest quality green teas out there with the most concentrated antioxidant content. This recipe for Matcha Tea Lemonade uses freshly brewed matcha tea, lemon (juice and zest), a bit of honey and some mint—the perfect drink for these extra hot days we’ve been having lately, don’t you think?

Do you have a go to beverage to take a break from the heat? Let us know in the comments below!

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