The $22 DIY Cabinet Hack That’ll Make Your Kitchen Sink a Million Times Better

updated May 29, 2020
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Credit: Rachel Jacks

There’s one area in my kitchen that I’m never quite satisfied with: the sink and the surrounding space. Even when cleaned up and reset, there’s always a wet rag, a scrub brush or two, and pot scraper on display. None of which, incidentally, are a proper blending-in color. Yes, setting these cleaning tools in a tray or on a cake stand will help the sink area appear less cluttered, but sometimes I wish putting them “away” didn’t actually mean leaving them out. 

In our kitchen, the rags get slung over the basin divider and a suction cup sponge holder holds our scrubbie and pot scraper. And more often than not, that holder ends up not adhered to the inside of the sink but just resting on the counter behind the sink — causing silly tiffs between my husband (who insists it just keeps sliding down) and me (who explains that all you have to do is dry off the sink wall and press it on). Not ideal.

Credit: Rachel Jacks

Which brings me to sink front trays! They’re an aha! storage solution to exactly this sticking point. They make use of the false, purely decorative drawer front in the cabinet under your sink (as long as you don’t have an apron-front sink) by adding a tilt-out tray that hides your ugly sponge and dish-washing whatnots. 

You can buy a sink front tray for around $20 and they’re easy to install. Simply speaking, you just have to pop out the front panel, screw the tray on to the back of the drawer front, and then attach it all to your cabinet unit with hinges. All these parts are in a sink front tray kit. Then you can get your whole kitchen, including the heretofore troublesome sink area, completely spotless and put away. 

Do you have a sink front tray? Have you ever seen one in action?