Single Sinks Are Better than Double Sinks — Here’s Why

published Jan 12, 2023
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So many topics of debate in the kitchen (or anywhere!) boil down to personal preference. And for years, my personal preference was to have a double sink. My first two kitchen sinks were doubles and I almost chose another double the third time around. But I decided to take a chance on a large single sink instead — and now I am totally in love with it. 

Here’s why I’ve decided a single sink is better than a double sink.

Why a Single Sink Is Better than a Double Sink

My single sink has the capacity to do things that my double sink never could. For starters, I love how I can set large pots and pans or baking sheets in the sink to soak. I like, too, how much room there is to “hide” dirty dishes I can’t get to right away. They now fit, neatly and out of sight, in my spacious sink, rather piling up on the counters.

A large single sink also allows me to maneuver more easily when I’m cleaning large or heavy items like my cast iron skillet or my big Dutch ovens. I love being able to scrub and rinse everything inside the sink, rather than taking things out to scrub and holding them awkwardly on their sides to rinse like I did in our double sink. 

As for the main benefit of having a double sink in the first place? Turns out my single sink can easily be divided into separate spaces for cleaning and prep. All you need is a simple soaking tub that you can set right in the sink. In a pinch, even a big bowl will do! 

Now that I’ve had both types of sinks, I can safely say I’m a total convert. You live and learn — and sometimes you switch sides.