Amazon Shoppers Swear By This Paper Towel Holder With an Ingenious Feature (It Has More Than 7,200 5-Star Reviews!)

published Sep 27, 2022
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Roll of paper towels on the kitchen counter
Credit: Sarah Crowley

When it comes to having a neat, tidy kitchen, there are a few essential organizers and storage solutions you need to have on hand. While dish drying racks are essential for anyone without a dishwasher and spice racks (whether on the counter, in the cabinet, or on the wall) are ideal for working with a robust seasoning collection, we can all agree that paper towel holders are a must-have item in every single kitchen. There are a few styles to choose from, like space-saving models attached to the wall or hung under your cabinet, but we’ve come across one that has a special, added feature to make it even more functional.

The simplehuman Tension Arm Standing Paper Towel Holder is a freestanding paper towel dispenser that includes a tension arm so you can rip off a sheet using just one hand. Who hasn’t been busy cooking and accidentally pull off multiple sheets when you try tearing it away with one hand? The smart design of this $35 counter organizer will make a small yet impactful difference while cooking. And with over 6,000 five-star reviews, clearly it’s made a big influence on others’ kitchens, too!

The tension arm of this paper towel holder is specifically designed for applying just the right amount of resistance for pulling off one sheet at a time. The days of ripping off three or four extra sheets on accident will be long gone! What’s more, is that the base is actually weighted, so it’ll stay in place even when you give the paper towel roll a good tug. And, for added convenience, simplehuman included a loop on the top so you can easily pick it up and place it closer to you while you cook. You’ll have easy access to the exact number of paper towel sheets you need as you fry bacon or pat a piece of fish dry.

Thousands of Amazon customers have taken to the review section of this handy tool to praise the difference it’s made in their kitchens. Many people upheld the claims from simplehuman, attesting to the fact that it doesn’t budge while in use and how well the tension arm works.

“By far the most convenient paper towel holder. Grips onto the roll strongly enough to let you rip a sheet with just one hand,” one reviewer commented. “Paper towels slide on easily, you can tear off a paper towel, no matter how empty or full the roll is, with one hand, The paper towel holder is heavy enough that you don’t jerk it around when tearing off a towel and it looks nice enough,” another wrote.

Many others mentioned smart design features in addition to the arm, such as the fact that it can accommodate most paper towel roll sizes. “Would buy it again, 10/10. My friends love it so much, I’m thinking about giving them as gifts. It doesn’t topple, handles any size roll, and can truly be used with one hand… Everything others promise, but this one actually delivers!” one person raved.

If you’re in the market for a new paper towel holder, look no further than this amazing pick. See how much it improves your experience the next time you cook or make a mess!