Simple Summer Dinner Menu to Impress My In-Laws?

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Q: My husband and I are visiting with our in-laws for the next few weeks. They hinted that they would love it if we cooked dinner a couple nights. Trouble is, I’m a newbie cook and haven’t really ventured outside of the oven for dinner. Now it’s too hot for any of my trusted recipes. What is a simple yet tasty summer dinner menu that will impress my in-laws?

Sent by Erica

Editor: Erica, I would certainly advise keeping it simple and also enlisting the help of your husband. What about doing a classic grill meal, with your husband manning the grill and you taking care of sides and dessert? Very traditional, sure, but it spreads the dinner pressure around. Here are a couple of grill-centric meals I love; they’re simple, summery, and quite easy.

Readers, what are your thoughts for Erica? What are your go-to, always-impressive summer dinner recipes?

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