Simple Solution: Hang Kitchen Towels from Bull Clips

published Feb 11, 2010
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(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

We were tired of our kitchen towels constantly slipping off the oven handle and winding up on the floor, so we devised this handy solution. It works quite well and we think it looks pretty cute, too!

All this takes is a few lengths of leftover ribbon or yarn and some bull clips. Tie the ribbons in a square knot around the handle (“right over left, leftover right, makes the knot tidy and tight!”) so the ends lie flat and the knot stays tight even after repeated use.

Towels are held securely by the bull clip, but they’re still easy to grab with a simple tug on the bottom. Clipping them back in takes no more time or energy than slipping it around the oven handle did.

Problems of slipping hand towels, solved!


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