Simple Pleasure: Cucumber Water

(Image credit: Elizabeth Passarella)

We’re not so good at drinking the recommended 64 ounces of water a day. Unfortunately, many of our ounces come in the form of soda, coffee, and, occasionally…. gin. We have found that keeping tap water cold in the fridge makes drinking it easier, and adding cucumbers — something we usually see in spas — is a flavorful, springtime trick.

For starters, it looks pretty. We’re more inclined to reach for the pitcher when it catches our eye. The cucumber taste is subtle, but it still gives plain tap water a little personality.

It takes an hour or two for the cucumbers to infuse the water with flavor, so give it some time before you drink or serve it to guests. We think all of those pale green cucumbers floating in the pitcher would look lovely on a lunch table. We’ve also seen cucumbers with lemons. Of course, that combination is getting closer to how we like our gin. Back to water…

Do you add things to water? Does anyone know of a health benefit of adding cucumber, other than simply helping us to stay hydrated?

More encouragement for drinking tap water:

And a cause for concern: