Simple Green: Recycle Water from Washing Salad Greens

Simple Green: Recycle Water from Washing Salad Greens

Emma Christensen
Jun 6, 2011

Moving to California has made me much more aware of water - and when I'm wasting it - than ever before. One biggie is the sink-full of water that I use to wash my salad greens every week. I've finally hit on a win-win solution.

Instead of washing my greens directly in the sink as I usually do, I have started using my biggest mixing bowl. Sometimes I need to do multiple batches if I have a lot of greens, but for the most part, this is just as effective as before.

When I'm done, I carry the bowl of gritty water outside and use it to water my plants. That way the water does double duty both cleaning the greens and watering the garden.

I should also clarify that usually buy organic greens from the farmers market and don't use any soap when washing them. I just swish them in water to dislodge any dirt (or insect hitchhikers) and let the dirt sink to the bottom of the bowl. I figure the little extra dirt is fine for the garden and probably better overall than letting it go down the drain.

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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