Simple Fancy: Serve Sparkling Water in Pretty Swing-Top Bottles

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

I love my Soda Stream and I love having sparkling water on the table at my dinner parties. What I don’t love are the plastic Soda Stream bottles plunked down in the middle of my carefully arranged table. Our very own Faith Durand offered me the perfect (and perhaps obvious!) solution.

I had always assumed that once the SodaStream had carbonated the water that it need to stay in the SodaStream bottle or lose its fizz. Which was why I was astonished to see Faith casually pour her freshly-made sparkling water into pretty IKEA swing-top bottles before a dinner party. After she finished laughing at me, she assured me that the water stays perfectly fizzy with the swing-top secured.

Done and done. This is now one of my favorite tricks for classing up my dinner party tables. There’s just something so grown-up and elegant about pouring yourself a glass of sparkling water from a slim glass swing-top bottle — it feels like you’re at a restaurant.

Do you have any simple tricks like this for making a dinner party feel fancy?