Simple Escapes: A Drink in the Park

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


That word can mean a lot of different things. We’re exploring all angles, inspiring you to cook foods from far-off countries and celebrating gear that streamlines your getaway. But we also like to escape right outside our front door, with a before-dinner drink and a patch of grass in Central Park.

And yes, we realize we’re bending some open container laws…

…which is why we are as discreet as possible. We pour our (one) drink in the apartment, keep it in an opaque cup, and then just walk to the park (I, for one, am lucky – it’s across the street).

Maybe you have a back yard, and you can sit for a few minutes while dinner is simmering. New York is filled with all kinds of green spaces, so you can find a spot to sit even if you don’t live near one of the big parks. We have friends who gathered for cocktails near an old monument on Riverside Drive. In that case, a humble concrete bench was their escape.

Just slip out — no bags of supplies, no fancy equipment. Just a drink in hand and a few minutes of quiet.

Anyone else do this? What simple ways to you “escape” during the week?